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The Great Girlfriends on: Podcast Success, Entrepreneurship, and Friendship

The Great Girlfriends is an exciting podcast show that aims to inspire and motivate women from all walks of life. Check out our conversation to learn more about how two girlfriends started this witty platform for women.

1. Hello! Please tell us about yourselves and The Great Girlfriends!

Hi! The Great Girlfriends is a personal and professional podcast show, dedicated to providing women with practical solutions for living a successful everyday life. We started the podcast on July 29th, 2015. Our mission is to ignite women around the world with relatable advice from women who are more like friends than experts. Since our inception, we now reach over 81,000 women from more than 80 countries each Wednesday, and growing!

2. What inspired you (two) to create this inspirational podcast?

Brandice and I were inspired by the coaching that we were doing in our professional careers to begin this podcast. As a brand strategist, I guide personal, professional, and corporate clients toward sound brand identity and marketing solutions through my company, Legacy Row. As a fashion influencer, Brandice guides minority designers on their integration into the market through her platform, Harlem’s Fashion Row. We both found that there were similarities in some of the needs our clients were facing as women, all stemming from personal development needs more than professional development. As women, we felt empowered to nurture women with practical content and community that would do the same. From there, The Great Girlfriends was established!

3. How did you both meet?

Brandice and I met through a great girlfriend, Kristen Pope, while attending an event for her non-profit, The King’s Daughters. We have been close friends for 8 years now, and enjoy supporting each other personally and professionally. I am on the board of Brandice’s company, and she is one of my biggest cheerleaders. We enjoy talking about life, business, innovation, and changing the world!

4. Do either of you still have day jobs, or are both of you full-time entrepreneurs?

Brandice and I both still service our personal businesses on a day to day basis, and operate as full time entrepreneurs!!!  On top of being entrepreneurs on fire, Brandice and I are both married, and have children. My children are 7 (boy, Sam) and 5 (girl, Dylan), and Brandice has a 1-year-old (girl, Sky). We also volunteer with various charities, and work to build The Great Girlfriends into a full service content and empowerment platform.

5. If “yes” to the previous question, how do you balance employment and entrepreneurship? If “no”, how was taking the leap to full-on entrepreneurship?

Taking the leap to full- on entrepreneurship was super scary, yet rewarding at the same time! There are certain benefits that I miss from the “other side” such as expense accounts, travel perks, and having access to office supplies like ink when you need it! But for me, taking the leap was about me being intentional on my “why” and being willing to go after it. I am a woman on a mission, and my leap was taken with certainty that this stage of my life is meant to be full of rewarding experiences and new discoveries that will ignite women, change lives, and fulfill my legacy.

6. As women entrepreneurs, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far? How did you rise to meet those challenges?

One of my biggest challenges has been promoting my business and my services through social media. A huge part of me feels awkward even saying out loud, “Utilize my services and your brand will be transformed!!!” However, I know that I am the captain of my ship, and in order to move my mission forward, I have to be confident enough in my own ability to deliver on services that will add value to people’s lives.
Another one of my biggest challenges has been asking for help. I’ve decided that asking for help is a gift that rewards me and anyone who helps me, as we are all meant to serve as bridges for one another.

7. You ladies are BFFs (awesome). Any tips on how to cooperate to build a successful business with a friend?

Yes! As much as we love each other dearly, we are not textbook besties! We are super close friends who share a unique bond!

My best tips for building a business with a friend, would be to:

(1) Partner with someone who shares your mission.

(2) Partner with someone who shares your work ethics and commitment to the mission.

(3) Partner with someone whose character has been displayed in good and bad times – they should be honest, loyal, lighthearted, dedicated, solution oriented, adventurous, and full of faith!

(4) Partner with someone who you trust and respect.

8. Please tell us about the What Women Want Conference.

Yes! The 2017 What Women Want Conference will be our 2nd annual conference, all about uniting women from around the world in one weekend with power talks, workshops, dance breaks, beauty and wellness tips, and authentic connectivity that will inspire you to return home ignited to create change. This year, our theme of “building bridges and breaking barriers” is about women creating connections first with themselves, and then with others to lead an outstanding life. You should join us there! Last year was amazing and sold out super fast, so I urge you to get your tickets once they’re on sale!

9. What’s next for The Great Girlfriends in 2017?

Such a great question! 2017 for The Great Girlfriends will be all about optimizing our relationships, our content, our exposure, and our community to build deeper connections with our audience and provide more services and benefits for our Great Girlfriends!


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