Terry Bandy Discusses His Career and Traveling

Originally from Boston, Terry Bandy is a data scientist that found his success in California. During his career, he arose all the way to a Chief Executive Officer position. Furthermore, he found time to complete his studies and obtain a Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence. Presently, he holds the title of a Senior Data Scientist.


Terry Bandy attended high school in New Hampshire at Saint Paul’s boarding school. There, he discovered his passion for numbers while his talents helped set him apart from his peers. Guided by great analytical abilities, he started his first entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 20. That project grew into a well-sized business that got sold to another company from California. Hence the relocation from the East to the West coast.


Due to his expertise in the field of data science, clients who are seeking services from Bandy are countless. One of the main concepts that he advocates for is Big Data as he believes it is the easiest way to deal with information that comes in incomprehensibly large quantity. By utilizing modernized methods and his knowledge, Bandy helps his clients resolve business problems in a professional manner.


Besides work, Bandy spends a lot of time with his wife and two children. He is known to be a seasoned traveler and has visited many countries outside of North America. He also spends a lot of time reading and keeping up with everything in the world of technology.


Did you always know that you wanted to study data science?


Well, explicitly, no I did not. I used to enjoy going to math classes and doing anything that I could solve with logical reasoning. But when I first started my courses at Tufts University, however, I was classified as a pre-med student. Obviously, that did not go as planned as I switched my major only a year after. I believe it was one of the best decisions I have made as this field satisfies my curiosity and challenges me more than anything else could.


Is there any aspect of your job you like/dislike more than others?


Of course. I always enjoy working with Big Data. When an average person thinks of this concept, they generally picture an excel spreadsheet with hundreds of thousands of rows and columns. In reality, what I am talking about are millions and millions of inputs that have to be categorized, classified, analyzed, interpreted, and so on. I enjoy doing this as it is fairly new to the market and there are still developments being made. As for the less interesting duties, I never liked having to fire or punish my employees. Nevertheless, having experienced being a CEO, I know how crucial those tasks are.


Do you ever wish you would have done things differently in your career?


I guess it would have been nice to save that one year I spent trying to get a medical degree. Still, I do not exactly see this as an utterly wasted period of my life as it helped me realize what I would be better at.


Where does your free time go?


I wish you could tell me! Joking aside, when you have two kids and work long hours, you and “free time” are not exactly on a first-name basis. Whenever I do get a few spare minutes, I love spending them with my family. We take trips, watch movies, go for walks, or do anything that seems fit at the moment. I also enjoy reading as it helps me get away from my own thoughts for a moment.


Are you planning any vacations or trips in the near future?


If my schedule allows it. I would love to get an opportunity to visit Costa Rica again, but my wife does not believe in repeats. She prefers discovering new destination whereas I could go to the exact same place every time we travel. I mean, if it is not broken, why fix it, right? Truthfully, however, I understand her perspective and we tend to follow her instincts anyway.


What is your advice for people looking to become data scientists?


Make sure that you are paying your dues. Whether this means studying diligently and getting good grades or doing something that does not apply to this industry to pay the bills, do it. I started off as a dishwasher in New Hampshire, unreservedly pushed myself through college, and now I have an amazing job in sunny California. Also, you must be easily adaptable to change. Things have a tendency of working themselves out in a way that has nothing to do with someone’s plans. If not, I would have been a doctor practicing somewhere on the East Coast. And lastly, find time for yourself!

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