Tech entrepreneur Leona Valeria Vatulia regularly appears on lists of prominent business leaders in tech after winning a startup program.

How AI is Transforming Field Service Management to drive a better result, with less resources.

1. How did you get your idea for the business?

My partner and I co-founded the company in 2019. Being a computer scientists we were both very creative and experienced in the field of IT industry. Our desire to solve real world’s business problems and create innovative software solutions based on AI made our decision. So we started talking about forming the company in 2018. The project been sketched out, then a business plan, but we did not start the company until 2019 because of concentration on creating our SAAS product. During development process we came up with new innovative ideas such as polygonic model, new formula for proper optimization process. Algorithm is different in any cases of scenario so each business should be optimized by rules of business and not just by AI models.

2. What was your mission at the outset?

We truly believed that we could create a services based company where we could grow and flourish. Enjoying to work with leading technology and build real-world enterprise software solutions.

3. Where did you run the business?

We formed a LLC in the State of California.

4. Do you advertise your business?

It’s nice to have a branding and Identity line. But the biggest significant action we could take to promote and advertise our business is give service and provide solid work. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful promotion. Nowadays with all of the changes in IT, we have changed from the old marketing to “new” system. We have to provide useful and interesting tool so they will be interested in. We have to ground the company as the experts in the field and indicate significant benefits of our service for the companies and contractors.

5. To what do you attribute your winner success in startup competition?

I would say focus and hard working. Dedication to the idea without any doubt. You never know till you try so always choose faith over fear. Faith makes things possible.

6. Do you use the services of a professional attorney or accountant ?

Yes! Everyone should do work they know best. The key in running a successful business is getting the right people to do work for you. We have to value their help and pay for their expertise and professional services.

7. What is your company’s goal?

Our Goal is to be the premier #1 SAAS for field service management.

8. Will it be helpful locally or nationally?

Most of our work comes from around the world. We can help people who is business owners, self-employed and every single person globally.

9. AI is changing how Field Service are managing their labor processes, assets and technician, heaved ahead by advances in big data. Could you elaborate on how AI is driving value for today’s Field Service enterprises and why now might more and more investors in the field like fieldsflow?

Intelligent optimization delivers a business-changing benefits for enterprises accomplishing field service operations ñ including large performance and productivity in higher stages of customer satisfaction.
For example, through AI practices such as right-in-time scheduling appointment, weather optimization , skills etc… field service organizations can guarantee the correct resources are always prompt available exactly when we need them ñ which significantly boosts productivity. Performance growth is likewise obtained by field service dispatchers and technicians handing off rote, recurrent tasks to intelligent automation process ñ enabling workers to spend their time focusing on complicated, more nuanced complex customer escalations. Resolving those issues and escalations is one of the majority impactful ways a field service organization can testify value to its customers.

10. What is beneficial about the startup?

We are well rounded and know all aspects of development project based on AI as well as the technology. Automation system integrated with AI, also solves predictive endorsement ñ which is enormously valuable to field service management companies.

11. What are your responsibilities as the startup entrepreneur ?

Everything on board! Being owner such startup or business means that I have the responsibility for making right decisions. So for every decision I make I should think about a lot of points. In the end I am totally responsible.

12. What made you choose field service management SAAS for busyness ?

This is what I am good at and what I totally enjoy. But more importantly there is an endless market for IT services.

13. If you had one advice to someone who is just starting out, what would it be?

Make own road for your future! Create to be part of unique projects. Nobody will bring it to you – you have to work hard for your dreams by yourself. Of course there are no magic rule or any guarantees on success. In order to win big you have to take reasonable risks. Nothing great just happens by itself, don’t sit and wait for it. Go ahead with no way back.

14. You have decided to commit yourself to putting your talent and energy into a SAAS entrepreneurial project. What motivates you? How do you generate new ideas?

To Create is always more than to Do. There is no energy without inspiration. So dare to dream and love your inspiration by them and one day you will be happy motivated to make your dream come true.

15. Where will I be in five years?

On my way working my heart and soul out for you.

16. How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business?

A business cant stay on the same level – It has to grow. Even for maintain current level of success. There is a plan for sustainable future growth to keep up with the economy and demographic trends in the coming years. But the company it is not just a name – company is a people.

17. What do you look for in an employee?

We look for people who are self-motivated and who are crazy enough to change the world with us.

18. How is this business organized?


19. What made you decide to go into business for yourself?

In a frequently changing IT world, society focusing on development software solutions and ginormous business influence have no other choice than substantial to consider new and innovative business models. This presents an extraordinary opportunity to develop cost effectiveness and high effect for sustainable development.


20 . How did you come up with the name of your business?

fieldsflow means field service management & workflow combined together.

21. How far along your success path do you feel you are?

I have no idea – if I knew I wouldn’t be successful would I?
With time, my goals get bigger and the line gets moved as my experience and confidence grows.

22. If you could go back in time before you started your business and tell yourself one thing, and give yourself one book to read. Also which book would you recommend ?

I love “Wikinomics – How mass collaboration changes the world” and on my reading list “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup” a useful book for any software entrepreneur looking to be successful.

23. What is your development strategy?

Provide the best quality product

24. What is your smartest work related shortcut or productivity hack?

Focus on goal ñ In the world of software startups, your success is often more determined by what you don’t do. Burning midnight oil sounds crazy but it’s all on our way. It’s a pity to spend time on sleeping when you are inspired to do more and more. Of course using multitasking in a correct way to organize workflow by decomposition work. The must-do first. Then I focus on small tasks and I try to dedicate no more than a few minutes to each one when the list is too full. Once the must-dos and the small, one-minute tasks are gone, I have time to focus on longer-term goals. The day definitely feels smoother checking items off my list each day.

25. A few words that best can describe how you work.

Dynamic. Multitasking. Nonstop.

26. Do you inspire the people in your team?

IT people are technologists by nature generally and they elaborate the technology world we live in. But the challenge is in inspiring them to work with technology that is out of their comfort zone.

27.How would you prepare for an AI world as a Tech leader?

Preparation is kind of education. AI is a comparatively new field of experience for everyone, and we’re all under scrutiny about it day by day. The question is how can AI be applied to a progress and give a better result, with less effort and resources. It can make our life better and we have to find a way by investigate it In specific use-cases. There is an ineluctability that AI-based systems will automate a lot of what people are doing now bringing AI for your benefit in helping you obtain business objectives.

28. Where are your customer from?

We presently concentrated on North American-based companies that operate nationally and globally.

29. What are your focus areas and why?

We enable our users to use our field service management cloud system. By using app, our customers can get services delivered to them. Moreover, they can even save their life by urgent appointment because in danger our system will locate closest technician to help.It is so important to get help faster in case of gas explosion or pumping leaking connected to the electricity line. We have to react fast to be right there in a right time, we also focus on cutting-edge technologies and we have a sophisticated cloud-based platform. Our goal is not just optimize resources properly but also help a user to get better service easier than ever before.

30. How do you describe fieldsflow llc. in a few words?

SAAS cloud field service management based on AI optimization.

31. If you could turn back time, what would you love to change ?

Every start-up has a story and idea behind it and that idea is vision of business. We are no different and we began operations with a clear vision of what we are doing and a strong determination. We develop our services with a well-thought business plan, and I believe that nothing needs much changing if we go back to the past. In the future however, we will continue to upgrade with the new trends in the industry because keeping yourself upgraded is a dire need of the modern age that is driven by innovation and technology.

32. What are you most excited about at the moment?

I am very excited to see new technologies each day and we can integrate Artificial Intelligence in the near future to boost our productivity at a global scale more rapidly. Technologies like AI is a way into the future and I think technology is not only the key to the problems but also a solution to every issue. We are leading people into the future by bringing them out of the traditional or conventional practices and introducing them to the modern tools and techniques.

33. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Jump first, then find your parachute on the way down.

34. What is the current state of automated Service technology?

I believe automated service has grown exponentially in terms of technological innovation and providing an excellent experience.

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