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Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level – Get the Help of an Explainer Video Company

Adding any type of video to your website can do a great job when it comes to improving your search engine ranking. Search engines like Google always appreciate videos, not to mention that there is a great chance that other videos with the same keywords as yours are poorly optimized and don’t provide exactly what Google needs.

However, you just don’t put up any video, you need an explainer video that will make your business and your products or services more marketable. Reliable explainer video companies can guarantee you that every video will work as expected.

Explainer Video in Full Action

For instance, if an online user plans to buy pizza and does a quick search on Google with pizza plus the name of the area, you’re lucky if your pizza parlor gets included in the search results. But, when you have a more generic sounding name, you only have a few seconds to make the user click and if he doesn’t, he will just move on with no chance for you to let him know about your best deep dishes or that you use organic tomatoes for your recipes.

Naturally, your video must be over 2 to 4 seconds long yet it also needs a detailed caption and descriptive title to let users know that the content contains information related to his specific needs. Presuming that pizza is already featured very prominently in your title, description and caption, he will know right away that you are a pizzeria. An explainer video company must come up with a video that will get across to your users how special your pizza brand really is.

Spread the Word With Great Ease

Among the best reasons why you need to hire an animated explainer video company is that videos are the best opportunity for making your business case on your own terms. They will make sure that it will not turn into a product walkthrough that will cover all details of its functionality.

The primary goal here is to explain to the users why they want a product in the first place. When the explanation is made interesting enough, you will soon notice that your web users share your video with their friends although you shouldn’t count on it to go viral. Even though this sounds nice, there is really no need for it. You will only want to explain that you have an amazing product. Of course, since it is exactly that, there is no need for any gimmick. However, the quality of the video matters a lot. Amateurish videos made by an amateur explainer video company will only make viewers wonder if you also hastily slapped the product together as well.

Good videos added to a company website can increase conversion by as much as 70%. The most dependable explainer video company will see to it that your videos will give the exact results that you need and want.

Note: This is a guest post.

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