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  1. Please re-introduce our readers to .


Stow is a marketplace for storage and parking allowing users with extra space to make extra income by listing it on the Stow platform. Hosts list any extra space that they have to make extra income. Renters can find a space that meets their budget, location, and timeframe requirements.


  1. is currently working with Startup Denver (awesome). Please tell us more about that?

Startup Denver has been great for Stow to get feedback, make connections, and be a part of the exciting Denver startup scene.


  1. will also be pitching in the final round of the Battle of the Pitches (great!). How was the first round? Please share that experience with us.


Battle of the Pitches has been a really fun event for Stow. It is an authentic environment that brings in great people in a great atmosphere.


  1. What are some ways that you prepare for pitching? What is your #1 goal from pitching?


I constantly change my pitch to update progress and incorporate feedback and learnings. I also found, if I don’t practice, my pitch I will go off on a tangent so it involves a couple days of practicing while updating the deck. Most people I have practiced the pitch with are burnt out so I mostly use a mirror.


  1. We wish your company all the best! Do you have any special plans, should you take home a monetary prize?


We are excited to use the monetary prize for expanding our user base in Denver with our new Brand Ambassador program and continuing to push the other aspects of the business ahead with the “freebies”.


For more information on upcoming pitch events, check out:


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