Startup Success: JobAdMobile on Innovative, Location-Based Job Hiring App

Looking for a job can be an overwhelming task. JobAdMobile has created a digital platform solution that makes hiring easier. Check out our interview to learn more.

  1. Hi! Can you tell us more about JobAdMobile?


With uncertainties in the global economies and retrenchment abound, jobs are hard to come by these days. With JobAdMobile, we empower job finders with the knowledge of available jobs by location via a live map.


To provide job opportunities in every corner of the worldwide by using a location-based job delivery concept.


  1. What inspired you to create such an innovative app?


Our founder, Michelle Toh once saw a woman selling ‘nasi lemak’ (Nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is commonly found in Malaysia, where it is considered the national dish) by the roadside and under the hot sun. Selling at the stall is one of the jobs that she was doing. This person was hard working but business was not good. She was uneducated, no /not easy access to internet world for jobs. With modern day smartphones being more affordable, even job finders who are uneducated and those who survive on odd jobs deserve to get jobs more easily.


Another observation which prompted my thoughts for JobAdmobile was why so many employers are not able to hire workers in certain areas and have to resort to posting hiring notice outside their office, factory, shop or at the road side. The question I asked myself was: “Why has there not been a mobile app that can easily connect the employer and the job finders by using a location base live map so that the job location is immediately made known?”


  1. JobAdMobile is a digital job hiring platform solution. Please explain how the app works?

Your Next Job Is Just Around The Corner!

There are many digital job hiring websites which have evolved from traditional hiring agencies. JobAdMobile is revolutionary and aims to be a game changer by introducing the concept of “distance of work location” instead of the “posting time of a job ad”.

With a live map in our app, full-time, part time and odd job ads within chosen distance can be seen at a glance. In addition, JobAdMobile can have multi-lingual job ads which allow different job finders from different backgrounds to understand easily.


  1. What makes JobAdMobile different from other traditional hiring services?

JobAdmobile operates on a location based platform via live map. Our technology is scalable and has the ability to expand beyond boundaries.


  1. You also have a “No Resume” feature (cool!). Please tell us more about that?


Everyone is constrained by time. We want to make the hiring process as simple and as fast as possible.


Job finders can apply a job by tapping the “apply” feature and provide some basic info. e.g. Name, phone number and email address. The advertiser can begin the process by conducting a phone interview which allows communication between the parties. Subsequently, the advertiser can also follow-up with a face-to-face interview with the required forms.


If a job requires a resume for screening, the employer has an option to post a job ad with a “resume required” feature. Job finders for such job can then create their own resume with JobAdMobile’s standard template which allows the job finders to create and update their resume “on-the-go” basis. This is

“e-resume” is another hassle free feature which can help reduce the paper work for both job finders and employers.


  1. What locations / areas do you have to be in order to use the app and how is the pricing? Can anyone use it?


  • As a starter, we have current employers that are registered and jobs that are offered from Malaysia & Singapore. JobAdMobile is open to employers and job finders on a worldwide basis and anyone can use this app where JobAdMobile has its presence. Our plan is to expand into as many countries as possible.
  • As to pricing and for all the technology and processes that is behind this app, we are only charging a competitive price of as low as $USD1-00 per day.
  • We would recommend a minimum of 10 days per hiring ad to be effective since we have a mobile “push notification technology” call “job alert”. Job alert basically helps notify and inform job finders on the available job ads within certain location. With the “job alert” feature, employers have even seen and received job applications immediately after its posting.


  1. Future goals, please share!


Very soon, we will be launching a new module call: ‘Hire Direct & Save’ module. It allows all employers and candidates irrespective of their locations to communicate via a chat and interview confirmation.

In future:

With our location based platform, we will also be working towards helping our job finders improve their skillset and/or help them to acquire new skillset in this ever competitive working environment today.


Moving forward, our goal is to continue to innovate and enhance our app to deliver jobs from employers to job finders in the most affordable, efficient and effective manner.

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