Six Tips to Effectively Use Direct Mail

Direct mail offers a great way to increase sales and share information about your company. It can help drive more people to your website and cause them to sign up to be put on your mailing list. What can you do to help ensure that your mail is delivered to your recipients and actually read rather than being tossed out with the junk mail? The following tips will help your readers actually read your communications.


Relevant Information


In order to entice people to actually open up and read your mail, you need to supply them with the information they can use. For example, real estate agents may send out information about recent home sales in the neighborhood. This information may inspire readers to notice the mailer and open it up to find out more information.


Personalization is Key


People will pay attention to mail when they see their name. Include your reader’s name in the body of your mail to help personalize it. According to another way to personalize your mail is to include information about their purchase history or send a promotion that offers similar products.


Provide an Incentive


Limited time offers, such as a buy one get one free offer or a promotional code, can get your readers to open up your direct mailers and respond to them. One example of a promotional offer by an insurance company is a portable cooler for anyone calls for a quote.


Target Your Audience To ensure that your direct mail campaign is effective, you need to zero in and target your audience. Rather than sending out a mass mailing to everyone, zero in on your specific niche. For example, if your company is a cruise line, target retirees that have the means and the time to travel often. Another example is a company that provides baby-related products. This company should send out information to those who subscribe to a parenting magazine.


Include Something Your Readers can Keep Something with your logo can help your customers remember your name. These items can include post-it notes, local ball team schedules or refrigerator magnets with your name, logo and contact information.


Direct Mail Combined with Emails


Once you have sent out your direct mailers, follow up with an email. This email should remind your readers of the offer included in the direct mailer. Sending an email can improve response rates. Another way to use email is to send an email letting your direct mail customers that you will be mailing an offer soon. Here are some good tips.


With all marketing campaigns, it is essential that you evaluate the effectiveness and success of your direct mailers. This will help you determine which tactic works best. Is it a direct mailer alone or is a direct mailer that is used in conjunction with email communications.

Note: This is a guest post.

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