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Simon’s Online Marketing Kft Talks: Success, Affiliate Advertising, and White Hat Marketing for Difficult Niches

Simon’s Online Markting Kft is a B2B marketing service that specializing in affiliate blog marketing for difficult niches. Read below, to learn more about his success.

Hi! Please provide us with more information about yourself and your company?


I’m Simon (full name: Simon András Péter, but English speakers can’t usually pronounce Hungarian names, so just call me Simon), I’m an online marketing professional, content manager, small business owner with over 500 blog posts published on more than 30 websites and I established my own online media company Simon’s Online Marketing Kft., which handles my own affiliate blogs.

How long have you been in the affiliate marketing industry? What inspired you to get started?



I’ve been doing affiliate marketing full time for 3 years and I have 8 years of online marketing experience in total.

I always wanted to make money online, independently, and make that my full time job. As soon as I was 26 I quit my job and started my own B2C online marketing agency, back in 2013. What people have to know is that online marketing agencies rarely remain online marketing agencies only. There are two ways most online marketing agencies progress over time. They either create apps, and tools (e.g.: Moz) or become media companies. After all, aren’t online marketing agencies helping their clients turn their projects into profitable websites? What’s stopping them to do that for themselves? It was just natural for us to develop our own website portfolio over time. And it was so successful that we eventually dropped the B2C part.

You focus on building “ethical” affiliate blogs. Can you explain more about that?
As someone who focuses on so called difficult niches (gambling, nutraceuticals, forex trading, Bitcoin, binary options and other niches with an unsavory reputation). I always make sure that I focus on prevention, safety, harm reduction and responsible use, even if it means we are not maximizing profit. There are things I just don’t comprise on. And unlike our competitors we do it ethically and legally.


We also donate part of the company’s revenue to various charities using the non-profit website


For anyone who might not know, please explain what “white hat” marketing is?


White hat marketing is the opposite of black hat marketing. In order to best understand what white hat is you have to know what black hatters do. Black hat SEOs hack websites and SPAM websites with their ads and links (and social media too). If you have a blog or you manage a Facebook page you probably met them already. They manipulate review sites like Yelp and they create hundreds of fake websites so if one gets exposed they still have a lot more. They never associate themselves with their websites, they remain anonymous at all times. They advertise companies, which are known scammers just because they paid them the most and they misuse the personal information of their visitors, buyers. White hat marketing is the opposite of all of this.
You were also featured in the Huffington Post (congrats!). In that feature, it’s noted that you experienced several challenges in the beginning like facing bankruptcy, health, etc. Can you tell us how you overcame those challenges?


Yes, I’ve been featured in Huffington Post Australia, Huffington post India, Asian Entrepreneur magazine, Under30CEO etc… Over the years I have been interviewed so many times (,which I’m really glad for, thank you for the opportunity! btw.), that I have started to collect them on a Pinterest board, along with press mentions, interviews and awards I have received.


I would rather not talk about those challenges I faced, I only mentioned them in one interview and that was enough. I would rather forget them. Everybody knows, that it is not easy to start a new business, it wasn’t easy for me as well. That’s all I want to say about that. I hope that’s not a problem

Our readership mostly consists of entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs. If you had to give out one piece of expert advise about affiliate marketing what would it be?


Don’t list to cliches like “Follow your passion.”, or “Never give up on your dreams.”. Following your passion only makes sense if it leads into a sensible direction. What if it isn’t? Do you know? Find out how you can turn your interest into a business. Look at where making money and your passion meet and turn that into a business.


For me it was online marketing, focusing on affiliate marketing. But if you are thinking about making money online with your affiliate websites in 2016 I suggest you should start doing something else. If you don’t have specialized online marketing and content management knowledge and years of experience, or you don’t have a lot of money to invest, you simply don’t have a chance. I’m sorry, but this is the truth. The competition is unbelievable, and it is only going to get worse. The internet is not the digital Wild West anymore, it’s very corporate, very saturated. Most niches are dominated by big media companies with lots of affiliate websites, many of them very well established (10+ years old). A newcomer with no experience and no money does not have a chance.


But there are still plenty of opportunities online, just not in affiliate marketing.

Future goals?


I’m currently adding a new blog to and I’m planning to hire an intern in our Budapest office.


Thank you for the opportunity. If you are on Google Plus and you have a question or just want to say Hi you can add me.Thanks! And good luck.

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