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Sian Gunney Consulting Shares Digital Marketing Success

Sian Gunney Consulting is a premium, digital marketing agency that is making waves in the marketing arena. Check out our interview to learn more about their success and services.

  1. Q: Hi, please tell our readers about your venture, Sian Gunney Consulting.

A: Sian Gunney Consulting was set up as a private high end digital marketing consultancy.
It bridges the gap between digital and experiential marketing.

2.  Q: How did you get your start in this field?

A: After PMG I decided that I missed being hands on and wanted to work on a 1:1 basis with clients.
High calibre, high quality and tangible results.

3. Q: Your firm specializes in Event Planning and Social Media Management. What approach makes you unique from similar businesses?

A: Everything I do digitally is completely unique to that specific client and their requirements. There is not one size fits all. I love staying ahead of new technology and trends. Im very lucky that based on my sales successes and results for clients I now get to work with large scale budgets and luxury brands.

4. Q: What sorts of business/brands do you typically work with?

A: Beauty brands for the last 16 months one of my key contracts has been as Head of Digital marketing for a multi -award winning nutraceutical called skinade. Over this time I have transformed this brand online into a celebrity must have beauty product and highly lucrative global luxury brand. There is a small team of dedicated professionals working on this. The elite in marketing and PR. Many of my close contacts and other clients are immediately surprised by this. As the wider perception is that there is a huge brand management team co-ordinating the PR and digital strategy and campaigns.
Instead of three key women with clarity of aims that are all truly passionate about brand reputation and growth.

There is always that fear that if a contract finishes a brand will get the wrong people managing it. Go back to bad habits or the hard work you have put in will go to waste. I think letting go when you become so passionate about that brands management and marketing is the hardest thing. However it’s all part of the journey. I always say any problems call me. However moving in -house for me is not the reason I started.

5. Q: In your opinion, what is your favorite Social Media platform? Why?

A: Oh that’s a difficult one as they all have their purpose and all are suited to different audiences. Me personally it would be twitter with its current algorithm ( laughs) as its all about to change again very soon.

Although I do have a personal account that flits between public and private on Instagram where I break rules and keep almost a photo diary.

Sian Gunney Consulting
Photo Courtesy of Sian Gunney Consulting

6. Q: Your company recently organized a Valentine’s Day Extravaganza. Can you describe how the event went?

A: Wow it went unbelievably well. You couldn’t have had more excitement , Lavish food, champagne, entertainment or surprises thrown in if we tried. Just exceptional. I’m very proud of every person that supported and helped make it happen. It was for 400 guests in Cardiff arms park all funds raised went to George Thomas Hospice Care and it was in honour of my late father Paul Malcom Gunney ex Welsh rallying champion and business owner in Wales.

I can’t wait to see the official press photos later today and the event video later this week!So now I’m looking for my next career opportunity and books are open for new clients for my showcase portfolio. If I’m honest I’m looking towards New York a lot and also considering opportunities in Digital Marketing in Dubai. Anything is possible!


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