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Shanley McCray, CEO of Opportune Publishing, Shares Two Guru Tips That Every Aspiring Author MUST Know

I recently had the chance to interview Shanley McCray, owner of Opportune Publishing.  Her company offers creative, indie publishing solutions for writers. Check out our conversation to learn more about her services, and find out two guru tips that every aspiring author MUST know!

  1. Can you provide our audience with an overview about yourself and/ or your company,

Hello! I am Shanley McCray, I have a background in communications and public relations. I have published 2 books, “Choosing to Decide” and “Words Every Professional Should Know.” I am the owner and operator of Opportune Independent Publishing Company, an independent book publishing company that gives non-traditional writers the opportunity to become published authors. We also have a marketing department (Opportune Marketing) that services small businesses independently. We just celebrated our first year in business on the 2nd of December.


  1. What separates you from traditional publishers?

We are a smaller independent publisher that specializes in working with non-traditional authors/writers. We do not discriminate against certain genres or categories of books. We offer affordable services coupled with high-quality results. Our mission is to make the book publishing process very personal to create a more hands-on experience for authors.


  1. Two guru tips that every aspiring author should know before publishing?

(1)Don’t get caught up in trying to make sure the book is perfectly written grammatically. The No.1 priority of authors is to write! It’s the job of the publisher/ editor to assure that all errors have been removed and it reads well. (2) Don’t hold back! Some writers are apprehensive about expressing intimate thoughts and emotions in their work. They feel that they have to edit what they want to say. I think it’s better to say too much, than to not say enough.


  1. One challenge that you’ve faced (personal or professional)? How did you rise to overcome this challenge?

One challenge I had to overcome was learning the book publishing business. When I first had the idea, I didn’t know much about publishing at all. Besides myself, I didn’t know any other writers who had ever published a book. I wanted to make aspiring authors’ dreams come true. My journey was labor intensive. I had to do a lot of research, reaching out to authors, networking with publishers and finding as much information as I could. Luckily, I had a few people that believed in me enough to let me publish their books through trial and error. From there, I learned so much and now I have the hang of it.

Opportune Publishing

  1. Top goals for Opportune Publishing in the upcoming year?

This coming year, our No.1 goal is to expand our marketing department with hopes of making our small business services more robust. We’d like the marketing department to become its own business that will assist OP for the marketing aspect of the books. In addition, we will be launching a new project to broaden our volunteer initiatives. Every other month, we will identify, or someone else will nominate, a person or business that needs help (either publishing a book and cannot afford it, or that wants to start a business but cannot afford the marketing tools). We will offer them services for free to help make their dreams come true.

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