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Seven Tips for Choosing an IM Agency

Below you will find seven tips that you should adhere to in order to hire the ideal agency to support the long-term goals of your company.


  1. Base Fees that are Lower, Performance Incentives that are Higher


The first and most important thing that you want when partnering with a digital marketing agency is that they will prioritize growing your bottom line and not their own billings. Nowadays, quite a few marketing firms have begun aligning the interests of their clients with their own, actually living up to what they promise. Instead of charging outrageous fees regardless of their performance, most of the better agencies that you can work with opt for lowering their retainer fee and rake in profit-sharing bonuses. To generate the best ROI and minimize your risk when you hire a marketing agency, only partner with a firm that is purely pay-for-performance.


  1. Industry Focus or Specialty


There are marketing firms that do quite well when they work with B2B companies. Others mainly focus on actually growing the businesses. This is why it is important to hire an agency which specializes in providing services for companies like yours. Inquire into their current client roster and who they have been the most successful with. It would be best if your business does not overly stand out. A marketing consultancy whose focus is on helping grow enterprise technology businesses may provide less than adequate results for a small business account.


  1. A Proven Track Record of Success


Once you know a bit more about the work the agency does, as to see some sample case studies. Any salesperson that is good at what they do will actually want to share reports of success they have had with brands like yours. It is recommended by Matt Maglodi of Online Advantages that the best way you can see how well the campaigns of an agency have withstood the test of time is requesting to look over long-term engagement case studies.


  1. Account Staffing


A very common and frustrating thing that marketing firms tend to do is to overpromise expertise and experienced, however the account is managed and strategies are executed by junior staff members. Always inquire with the representatives of the agency about who will actually be responsible for the development and execution of your various marketing campaigns. When all’s said and done, the people you want staffed on your account are only the most experienced marketers, this will guarantee that you are provided with the most value from the engagement.


  1. Complete Service Arrangements as well as Collaborative Projects


It is important to ask yourself of you want to be deeply involved in marketing. Do you have resources available that can be spared to collaborate on every campaign? Or are you willing to completely trust your agent to properly represent your brand? There are digital marketers who when the have the green light to provide complete service campaigns, perform much netted. Others however do prefer being provided with input through every step of the processes of planning, developing and executing.


  1. Resources, Tools and Competitive Advantage


Other than expertise and experience, a variety of proprietary technology or process and premium tools are used by the smartest marketers to save on time and provide the best end results for their clients. When looking in the bets agency, make sure you thoroughly understand how they operate behind the scenes. Avoid agencies which still use applications or programs that are outdated. Opt for agencies which are always tinkering with new tools and taking advantage of the best marketing technology on the market.


  1. Reporting and Transparency


Digital marketing firms have the tendency of shielding themselves by providing reports in which only the success that they have had via the engagement are reported, However, high impact marketers opt for adding focus to that areas that require improvement thus reassuring their clients they are doing their very best of leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of growing your business. Look for agencies that are more than willing to provide you with weekly or monthly reports.


Note: This is a guest post. 

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