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Ryan Eagle on Sidago Integrated Solutions, Success, and The One Tip Every Startup Owner Should Know About Angel Investors

In this interview, I caught up with Ryan Eagle of Sidago Integrated Solutions. Read our Q and A to learn more about his solution-based enterprise. Plus, get his expert opinion on the one tip that every startup owner should know about angel investors.

  1. Q: Can you provide us with some background info about yourself and

A: The name is Ryan Eagle and I’ve been a businessman for over 10 years now; starting my first successful business when I was 16 years old. I’ve started a series of different businesses most of which were in the advertising space and decided to try something new with Sidago. In my previous large company, we began leveraging an international workforce and it really gave us an edge. I wanted to carry everything that I learned from the past and service different companies with it.

  1. Q: Who is the target demographic/ client base for Sidago Integrated Solutions?

A: We’re a B2B service provider so as long as we have someone willing to adapt and try new things with us, we can succeed.

  1. Q: Top 3 goals for Sidago Integrated Solutions?


1 – Industry education and awareness of the benefits of outsourcing.

2 – Widespread recognition use of our services

3 – Internal ability to maintain the same quality controls and standards that we do now on a larger basis.


  1. Q: Biggest challenges you’ve faced since launching?

A: Sidago was more of a “traditional” company in the sense of building it up. Unlike advertising companies that provide me more immediate gratification, I had to deal with the ebbs and flows of profitability internally due to the huge structure of the company.

  1. Q: Biggest rewards?

A: Conquering something new. I knew I could make money as an affiliate marketer or by running some sort of advertising company easily, I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could be a true businessman and try something unlike what I’m used to.

  1. Q: You also own several other companies and are an angel investor (very cool). Can you tell us a little more about that?

A: Sure! XCell Fund is an angel investment company that both acts as a holding various public brands of mine, and acts as an investment arm for private entities that I invest into. I’ve made it a point to get as diversified as possible and I do that by extending the services I have internally to brands along with providing them the necessary capital they need to get started.

  1. Q: As a serial entrepreneur, what guidelines do you follow to make sure that everything is flowing smoothly?

A: First off, I hate the phrase “serial entrepreneur” and I believe too many impostors abuse it. I’m a focused businessman that makes calculated choices to further my position. To make sure things go smoothly, I do my best to treat my employees with respect while holding them to a higher standard – regardless of their position at my company. I lead by example, not by command. I try to learn from my mistakes while taking responsibility for them. It’s a hard question to answer because there isn’t one thing that keeps it all together.

  1. Q: A lot of startups are seeking funding these days. As an angel investor, what is one tip you’d give to startup owners to help increase their chances of success?

A: Never give up. Failure is something that every business will meet in the beginning, persistence is what sets you apart from the others.


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