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R&R Resources on Sponsorship and Consulting Success

R&R Resources provides a wide array of  funding solutions through sponsorship and consulting. Check out our interview to learn more about how they help companies and individuals go from idea to reality.

1. Hi! Please tell us about yourselves and your company?

◦ The Co-Founders Rylan Wolfgang Christensen and Reggie Anderson are serial entrepreneurs that partnered with industry leader, Ryan Drew Donaldson. They’ve all created massive sales organizations, grew powerful causes in the nonprofit world, and have had thriving companies in multiple markets. R&R Resources acts a resource center that funds, and enhances people, productions, and causes. We do this primarily through sponsorship and consulting. Similar to fund raising we give Fortune 1000 brands access to authentic positioning at premier events and productions.

R & R Resources
Photo Courtesy of: R & R Resources

2. What inspired you to start R&R Resources?

◦ We recognized that everyone needed money to take their idea from concept to reality and from accepted to excellent. We know that productions need Money, Network, and Influence of their industry in order to be successful… especially in the Television, Movie and events vertical of the entertainment industry. As an enormous amount of our relationships are in that arena it was an easy decision to make a living supporting high profile charitable causes, television shows, business conferences, festivals, movies, and anything else in the sponsorship space.

3. Please provide us with a brief rundown of the services that your company offers.

◦ Our company primarily offers 2 services that are in a single focus.
◦ First, we offer sponsorship strategy consultation. How much CAN you raise? What are good packages for your production? Who should you target? These are a few of the questions we look at.
◦ Second, for people who already are ready to raise sponsorship, we leverage our internal competent sponsorship teams. They are paid to build relationships with every fortune 1000 brand and regional location so as to make sponsorship raises as quick and headache free as possible.

4. How do you stay ahead of the curve in your industry?

◦ Our company’s culture has put an emphasis on building not just repour with big brands but a genuine relationship. Sponsors count on us to bring them consistent quality productions with a national or international appeal. By doing that we are constantly growing our sponsor relationship database.

5. Biggest challenges you’ve faced so far?

◦ It’s always the last second raises. In November, 2015 R&R Resources co-produced an event at Carnegie Hall. We came in to raise sponsorship 3 weeks before the funding was due. Often people will come to us with a last second raise. We are very cautious about which productions we accept but it was for a really incredible cause. We raised a quarter of a million in 21 days.

  6. How have you risen to meet those challenges so far?

◦ Teamwork combined with extremely open and detailed communication. With a full staff and new sponsors and events being added everyday everyone striving for the same goal and moving as a unit has been key to our success.

  7. Any guru tips for startups?

• Surround yourself with the right teammates  that are preforming different roles. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and leveraging those strengths to make everyone preform better has been a massive key to our success.

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