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Ron Bauer And Prof Sir Marc Feldmann of Biovation Sciences Are Investing In The Second Generation Of Medical Marijuana Pharmaceutical Companies

Ron Bauer is an entrepreneur who built his wealth with numerous investments in the technology, life sciences and gaming sectors. He focuses on funding private ventures from their early stages in order to lay the groundwork for a future exit. Additionally, he is an experienced capital markets financial engineer who has more than two decades of experience in analyzing the markets and looking for exciting trends ahead of others. Thus, it is not surprising that many of his investments revolve around current topics of interest. In fact, he made his first early stage investment when he was only fifteen years old still in high school! Now, he is dedicating his focus to the development of the Second Generation of Medical Marijuana companies which he believes is the best investment opportunity he has seen in years.


Having missed the early days of Medical Marijuana in Canada which focused on Licensed Producers or Growers such as Canopy Growth, Cannabis Wheaton, Maricann, Aurora, Aphria and Hydropothecary to name a few, he has identified a trend and potential high growth in the Cannabis Pharma Sector or Medical Marijuana Pharma Sector with companies like GW Pharmaceuticals leading the trend.


To help with this new venture, Ron Bauer has enlisted the help of the preeminent Life Sciences Entrepreneur, Professor Sir Marc Feldmann. Prof Sir Marc Feldmann boasts an impressive pedigree dating back to earning his PhD in Immunology from The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in 1972. Since earning his PhD, he has spent the past 40+ years devoted to the advancement of new and innovative treatments and was Knighted by the Queen for his efforts in 2010. He is currently a Professor Emeritus at The University of Oxford and a Fellow at numerous colleges and academies. Ron Bauer came across Professor Sir Marc Feldmann’s work in the field of anti-inflammatory therapeutics and decided there was no one better to help champion the cause of his foray into the field of medicine. Prof Sir Marc Feldmann is known for the discovery of Anti TNF Therapy which is the only treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. He is also the inventor of Remicade (Infliximab), the main drug that treats Rheumatoid Arthritis. Johnson & Johnson acquired Centocor in 1998 for $4.9 Billion. Remicade to date has sold over $60 Billion Globally. Anti TNF drugs sell in excess of $36 Billion annually and have sold over $350 Billion over the past decade.


From Left to Right - Prof Raphael Mechoulam, Ron Bauer and Prof Sir Marc Feldmann in Leiden - July 2018
From Left to Right – Prof Raphael Mechoulam, Ron Bauer and Prof Sir Marc Feldmann in Leiden – July 2018



Based on the joint experience of Ron Bauer and Professor Sir Marc Feldmann, Biovation Sciences was created to be the industry leading authority and investment vehicle in the development of the Second Generation Medical Marijuana Pharmaceutical Sector. The culmination of this pair’s financial and medical research backgrounds has quickly positioned Biovation Sciences as the voice of authority in innovative treatment, with a rapidly growing network of researchers working to expand their already impressive portfolio of therapies and therapeutic products in the Medical Marijuana Pharma Sector.


Chief among these breakthroughs has been the development of a new form of synthetic CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, which looks poised to become the market standard for pain management, tissue repair, and anti-inflammatory treatment. Biovation Sciences has invested heavily in this new development, building a full portfolio of new treatments around this synthetic CBD and marketing the breakthrough as the Second Generation of Medical Marijuana Pharma. They make this distinction in order to draw a clear line between the traditional use of marijuana in a medical capacity and their development of a fully synthetic and concentrated CBD treatment. This new generation of CBD, though it shares many chemical markers in common with traditional medical marijuana, is a wholly new and synthetically produced pharmaceutical grade CBD intended purely to treat chronic medical conditions in a safer, more responsible way.


Leading the charge for this Second Generation of Medical Marijuana is a new company in Biovation Sciences portfolio of companies, CannBioRex Pharmaceuticals. While other companies in Biovation Sciences portfolio focus on more traditional treatment methods, CannBioRex is their flagship CBD focused company and looks set to become a household name within the next few years. This is due not only to their groundbreaking research, but also their possession of exclusive worldwide licenses to this technology thanks to CannBioRex’s Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor, Professor Raphael Mechoulam, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Raphael Mechoulam, considered to be the Godfather of Medical Marijuana and the World’s Leading Authority on CBD, is a lifelong friend and close collaborator of Prof Sir Marc Feldmann, having authored a number of Scientific Papers that have been published jointly over the years.


Based on these factors, Ron Bauer believes that his collaboration at Biovation Sciences and partnership with Professor Sir Marc Feldmann promises to become one of the most exciting projects he has undertaken. The Medical Marijuana Industry is expected to reach an astronomical $55.8 Billion annually by 2025, and Biovation Sciences are looking to establish their position as leaders in the industry early through their development of the Second Generation of Medical Marijuana Pharma Companies. This approach is expected to capture a significant market share early on, and with the research capabilities of Biovation Sciences strong world class Scientific Team, led by Prof Sir Marc Feldmann, clearly established, it’s a safe bet that these breakthroughs will continue well into the foreseeable future.

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