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Pros and cons of anonymous blogging

Finally, you have decided to start the blog, but want to stay anonymous. Do you know that you can blog anonymous and still earn money? Yes, you heard me right. You can keep your identity anonymous to the blog visitors and make your content go live. There are many niche markets on which you can blog or otherwise share your learning experiences with the audience. 

Without waiting any longer, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of anonymous blogs.

Pros of anonymous blogging

Personal freedom


The main advantage of anonymous blogs is that you have ample freedom to express your views without getting trolled or received backlash from the people. There are many boundaries drew by society on what we talk about. There are a few topics that one cannot talk to the public by revealing the identity, especially if you are working for a company. The companies would keep a close watch on their employees’ social media activities about the content they are posting. You cannot use your original identity to post the content, which is not acceptable by the employers. It could put your job at stake. Few companies have restrictions on the type of content that employees can post on the web.

When you have anonymity, you have the freedom to express your opinion on the topic of your choice without any fear.


A few other scenarios have other hurdles, i.e., the career path the person will choose. No matter whatsoever profession you choose, but few topics are not elegant for the vocation. If you are a future archeologist or an astronaut, it would be terrible to talk about the topics that are against this profession or that degrade the occupations. It jeopardizes their careers. If you are in a medical profession, writing about the corruption in the medical industry or fake drugs could put a black mark on your candidature. 

There are a few things that many want to talk, but could not due to the criticism that you receive from friends and family members. All do not accept political topics, social issues, taboo topics, and topics connected with people’s emotions. However, when you have a blog that you run anonymously, you can talk on any topic of your choice without worrying about others. You can express your opinion anything until your heart out. 

You can be yourself


Everyone tries to follow a persona to impress the audience and earn money. Few of the bloggers would write about something that they are not used to in everyday life. The best part of being an anonymous blogger is that you can showcase your poetic skills, cooking skills, write a comprehensive review about the movie or do whatever you feel is right without thinking about the marketing strategies. 

Stay safe from creepy people.

The internet gives bloggers a pool of opportunities where they can socialize and earn money or create awareness about anything by posting informative content. When you reveal the identity, hackers, scammers, and online predators look for an opportunity to put you at risk. When you are anonymous, you can protect the identity and reduce the chances of receiving backlash from the people who are against your post. 

Cons of Anonymous blogs

Do not get the craze