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Profit Copilot on Helping Entrepreneurs Convert More Sales With DIY Copywriting and Digital Marketing Lessons

Profit Copilot is a practical, step-by-step learning platform that helps entrepreneurs increase business profit. The site also offers DIY lessons on how to sharpen copywriting and digital marketing skills. Check out our conversation to learn more.

  1. Hello! Please tell us more about yourself and Profit Copilot.

Thank you for having me. I created Profit Copilot a few years back to record and document my digital marketing experiments.. not only the ones that worked but also the ones that didn’t, to save entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes.

The site has evolved over time and now includes step by step tutorial videos and strategies that help bloggers, marketers and webmasters to increase their conversion rates.

2.  What inspired you to start your business?

That’s a good question.

My customers and students inspired me to start Profit Copilot.

As you know, I’ve been doing my own thing since 2004 but it wasn’t until much later that I realized the digital marketing industry had been taken over by those sleazy types.. the snake oil salespeople.

I looked around and it suddenly hit me.. almost everyone was selling hype. Horrible get rich quick scams… and even worse, people were actually believing and buying this crazy stuff.

Due to my experience, I thought I’d show people how a real online business is built without filling their heads full of nonsense or pipe-dreams.

So over the years my dedication to my students has continued to grow because back in the early days, when everyone else sold broken promises, my customers put their trust in me.. so the site, Profit Copilot, has evolved into a resource they can use to get ethical, results-driven advice.

Thankfully now, I think the industry has grown out of that and people have wised up to it.

3. Profit Copilot teaches entrepreneurs how to convert more sales with copywriting and digital marketing (awesome!). For anyone who may not know, what is “copywriting”?

The site does have a large section dedicated to copywriting. Well.. typically, a marketer will use written content to persuade a reader to take action.

That’s bare-bones copywriting in a nutshell, but now thanks to the Internet we need persuasive copywriters to produce video sales letters, web content, emails and ad campaigns.

If you want to sell more without increasing your advertising budget or hiring expensive freelancers, then learn how to write good copy.

It’s not difficult.

In fact once you’ve got the basics down, the results you get should speak for themselves. My very first student increased her conversion rate by more than 500% just from making small changes to the words on her sales page.

Think about it.. the words you read creates an impression.. it conveys a message.. if you make that message as attractive as possible while being honest, then more people will want whatever you’re selling.

It’s great for small businesses because it doesn’t require you to spend a fortune.

Okay, a decent copywriter will set you back around $10,000 – even someone who is just proficient will charge a four figure sum.

Rightly so, good copywriters know their worth.

But it’s an easy skill to learn.

I’ve read dozens upon dozens of books, the thing is; some stuff doesn’t work anymore because it’s so commonly used it’s become overplayed and outdated. It’s lost its effectiveness.

There are still a few key elements anyone can use to increase their conversion rate quickly, without much effort.

Because it’s psychological, and the human mind doesn’t change much, the key elements will continue to work for as long as humans experience desire.

4. How can entrepreneurs increase their conversions?

When it comes to improving your own conversions, the first thing I’d suggest looking at it, is the headline of your ad campaign, product page, lead capture page or whatever place you’re directly asking someone to take action.. like click a link, buy something or subscribe to your mailing list.

So the headline needs to serve two purposes, the first is to grab attention, and the second is to motivate them to take action, like continue reading the rest of your message.

To achieve both, we need to use desire.

And desire is an interesting emotion.

There are many types of desire, I go into a lot more detail about this inside Profit Copilot and there are hundreds of headline templates you can just take to copy and paste, but for the moment let’s look at three types of desire, so you can include them all of these in your headline.

Self-interest, news and curiosity.

To grab their attention just tell your prospect what the biggest benefit is, for whatever you’re selling. A personal benefit makes sure that we include the desire of self-interest.

Then, to use people’s desire to be the first to know things, we can add an element of news to it. Announcing the availability of your product is a great shortcut to achieving this.

And then finally, you can inject curiosity to encourage them to read the rest of the message. Avoid general curiosity and keep it specific to your niche.

Another tip, stay away from weak headlines.. make it strong, powerful and authoritative. Don’t pull any punches, and by using the information I’ve given you here you have the ability to make it trigger an emotional response.

5. As a lone parent operating a business, what has been one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far? How did you rise meet that challenge?

Time is one of the biggest challenges while separating the work / home balance.

Obviously my priority is my son. Setting a good example for him, being a good role model, someone he can look up to. And that means knowing the right times when to stop working on the business, knowing that I can still be a good provider without being chained to the computer.

So, besides outsourcing the menial and boring stuff as much as I can, actually restricting how much time I spend creating content for my students or helping them through their projects has taken a few years to get right.

For that reason I only tend to do the main bulk of work during the day while my son is at school.

But as you know, running a business from home means you never really get to switch off entirely, it’s a passion and consumes as much of your time as you allow it.    

6. How do you stay motivated? Please give us one expert tip for how to stay motivated in the New Year.

Motivation.. that’s actually something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to. You know as well as I do that there’s a massive industry built around the idea of motivating people.

Lose weight, get a promotion, start a business, quit smoking.. you name it, there are hundreds of motivational books on every topic.

How do I stay motivated? Well, I see a problem with the concept of motivation… sure it works for a few people, but with all those books.. why aren’t more people achieving the results they want?

I see the the problem with motivation is… it can be lost.

You read the book, you feel great.. it’s like a runner’s high.. and you set off to achieve something.

Then you hit a roadblock.

Something doesn’t go your way, the book hasn’t prepared you for that.. so it’s back down to Earth with a bump.

Seeking motivation can be counter productive. It can lead to procrastination.

It doesn’t prepare you for the real world. And the real world is full of sharks.

And personally, for me… I can be lazy sometimes.. so motivation gives me a get out of jail card.. it tells me that it’s okay to just forget about the business for an afternoon.. heck why not take the day off, it doesn’t matter.

Motivation sucks.

One day you might not ‘feel motivated’ to work on a particular task.. so you skip it. And the next day, and so on. You can’t run a business like that.

Motivation asks you to do something. It gives you a choice.

Whereas, discipline, well.. now that gets the job done, regardless of how you feel about it.

Discipline drags you out of bed, it forces you to sit down and focus.

Discipline makes sure you show up and do it.

I set myself goals, targets. I don’t have motivation, I have discipline. It’s a lot less fun, but a lot more productive.

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