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Prime Five Homes CEO, Mayer Dahan, on Eco-Friendly Homes, Real Estate, and Success

In our latest interview, I had the opportunity to chat with Mayer Dahan. He is the CEO of Prime Five Homes, a full service real estate development company that builds modern, eco-friendly, luxurious homes in LA. Read on to learn more about his take on eco-friendly homes, real estate, success, and even giving back.

  1. Sweet Startups: Can you provide us with a brief overview about your company Prime Five Homes? What sorts of services do you offer?

Prime Five Homes CEO, Mayer Dahan:

Prime Five Homes is an exclusive, full service real estate development company that designs and builds, modern, luxurious, technologically-savvy, eco-friendly, and sustainable homes across Los Angeles.

Our team of skilled professionals manages the entire building process for you, from start to finish. Beautiful and distinct, our homes are the first in their neighborhoods to go beyond standard ‘green’ credentials.

Each Prime Five Homes project comes standard with solar panels, a custom water capture system, energy-efficient appliances, smart home technologies, and a unique indoor/outdoor, open floor plan.

Prime Five Homes has revolutionized the real estate development game by analyzing the geographic and product markets of its prospective clients. This thorough understanding allows us to create a distinct home within differing environments.


  1. Sweet Startups: How did you get into the real estate industry, and how many years have you been in it?
    Mayer Dahan: Growing up in Los Angeles, I watched the city go through various architectural transformations. I learned what worked well and what didn’t, what most houses in the city are lacking, and most importantly, what people want out of their home when living in LA. My interest in business services along with my dream to run a business of my own led me to Cal-State Northridge’s Business and Finance School. I then acquired my real estate license. My first job at the Los Angeles Property Company allowed me to oversee all operations, and instantly, I was hooked. Noticing that every home I sold and/or managed over my years as an agent lacked adequate lighting, windows and spaciousness, I found a niche in the market and wanted to be the one to fill it!


  1. Sweet Startups: Can you provide us with a typical rundown of what an eco-friendly, luxury home looks like (amenities, perks over traditional homes, etc.)?
    Mayer Dahan: A Prime Five Homes design is aesthetically beautiful with the cleanliness and crispness of modern architecture, and the use of only quality materials, fixtures and fittings throughout. But it is what you can’t see but what you feel that makes a Prime Five Homes project special.A unique, indoor/outdoor, open floor plan with large, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an abundance of natural light creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere inside of our homes. The indoor/outdoor concept also connects the home’s inhabitants with nature, enhancing well-being and overall livability.Eco-friendly amenities, such as solar panels, water capture systems, and smart home technologies make a Prime Five Home highly efficient. The functionality of our homes are incomparable, and create a comfortable and affordable home all year round.


  1. Sweet Startups: The real estate industry is making a major comeback (after the housing bubble collapse several years ago). What challenges has your company faced over the years, and how did you rise above those challenges?
    Mayer Dahan: We faced exactly the same challenges as everyone else during the years, including slow business. However, having a unique, sought-after product that has several proven benefits for homeowners and the environment, has certainly meant that we thankfully haven’t felt the effects of the housing bubble collapse as much as others.


  1. Sweet Startups: 3 things that motivate you and keep you going?
    Mayer Dahan:
    – Being able to build homes that will positively change the way people live in the future, as well as a positive impact on the environment.
    – Having an incredibly talented and supportive team surrounding me.
    – Keeping my mind and body healthy through a good diet and lots of exercise.


  1. Sweet Startups: You also have a non-profit organization; can you tell us a little more about that?
    Mayer Dahan: I founded The Dream Builders Project in October 2013 after losing a close friend. In her memory I wanted to create a platform where I could help those who needed it the most.The Dream Builders Project is a Los Angeles-based, non profit organization whose mission is to grow and develop the community by aiding, funding, and raising awareness about many of the city’s key social issues, including child abuse and neglect, poverty, homelessness, and severe illness and disease. With one objective and one goal in mind — to give back — The Dream Builders Project is not restricted to any particular group or cause, but is purely dedicated to the improvement of humanity. To achieve this goal, we host Charity Flash Mobs to feed the homeless and to supply socioeconomically-disadvantaged children with new school supplies, an annual Charity Gala, and partnering with various other non profits throughout the year to support others who are also doing great work for our community.


  1. Sweet Startups: If you had a crystal ball, where would you see yourself and (or) your company in the next 5 years?
    Mayer Dahan: Prime Five Homes has had its biggest growth spurt in the last year. We are now working on an average of 3-4 projects per year and only getting more and more inquiries. In the next five years, I hope to expand my offices and team, enabling Prime Five Homes to branch out even more so into other LA neighborhoods. This expansion will allow us to increase the awareness of eco-friendly building and its benefits throughout the city, hopefully redefining the future of residential housing in Los Angeles. To be a spokesperson and leader in modern, eco-friendly building and sustainability, and informing people around the world of how they can live better, would be a dream come true.

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  1. This is another great read about this development firm. It’s quite interesting to watch them grow and innovate while still being so well rounded and refined. I wish more firms would venture out into philanthropy like this group has, it would be a great sight!

  2. Nice article! Dahan is an intelligent entrepreneur in real estate and certainly a role model for any aspiring business owner. His passion for making the world a better place really shows through his dedication to creating sustainable housing and starting a non-profit like the Dream Builders Project. The houses are just as amazing as they sound — checking them out online right now!

  3. I Really enjoyed reading this article. there is no doubt the Mayer Dahan is a Man with a massive vision. an outstanding business man who also holding a positive impact on the environment.

  4. I love this guy! He is so dedicated to building a better community in Los Angeles not only through building awesome homes, but with a non-profit as well!! Job well done Mayer!

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