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Prestigious Real Estate Developer Ariba Investments Shares Success

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Ariba Investments is a forward-thinking real estate company with so much to offer. They provide a variety of services for residential, commercial, and retail property. Read our interview to learn more about their success.

  1. Q: Can you tell us about your company, Ariba Investments?

A: We founded Ariba Investments Summer of 2005 in the East Bay with a vision of providing excellent financial services. Since then, we have evolved into an innovative, forward thinking and progressive real estate developer. We have a sweet spot for Multi Family developments, Transit Oriented Developments and High Density has been our niche for the last few years. After the market started to make a comeback, we discovered a few opportunities in retail within the telecommunications and automotive industries. We jumped at the first chance we got at applying our resources in these fields. EB5 was something everyone was talking about but very little reliable information was available. We did our research and found the two new additions under our umbrella very compatible with the EB5 program.


  1. Q: What are some of the challenges you have faced?

A: After the financial market crises we were hit hard when funding became scarce. Lenders were not willing to lend to smaller firms and values were too low to leverage our assets appropriately. I learned a lot from that time period. It definitely made me more aware of the worst-case scenario when it comes to projects stalling due to lack of capital. We have mitigated those risks now through exceptional partnerships with reputable investors and our new development fund.


  1. Q: Can you explain the 3 ways that your company develops real estate (acquisition, joint venture, buy-out)?

A: Sure, we are open to working with sellers in three ways. First we prefer purchasing the property from the seller at its current value assuming its not entitled or shovel ready. Second, if the sellers want to maximize their properties value, they can allow us to get in contract and close escrow once we have obtained entitlements, those escrows typically take 12 months to close. Lastly, if the seller wants to retain their property and get a lasting benefit, they may choose to become a joint partner.


4. Q: As a privately owned company, what are some of the biggest challenges and rewards that you encounter?

A: Some of the more adverse challenges we have faced as a privately owned company are the fact that we are a much smaller firm then some of our public competitors. You have builders and developers who have been in business for decades whereas we have been in business for ten years now. However, these are simply challenges that we overcome everyday with our wit and passion for what we do. Most public firms started their operation with loads of public cash or debt, I am very proud to say we come from very humble beginnings. Our operations are based out of some of the most coveted places in the world, our HQ is in Silicon Valley, we are bred to make the most out of what we have and be on the front edge of innovation.

Some of our rewards are amazing. We get to do business in a way where we are not tainted by corporate politics. When a project comes across my desk, I do not need to think will he or she like it, I get to run our operations keeping our clients, investors, and partners as our priority.


 5. Q: What are the future goals of Ariba Investments?

A: We have a very exciting six months ahead of us, our Karachi office is nearly complete, our Dubai office should be signed this summer and our Shanghai office is coming together very well. We hope to engage more EB5 clients in our work and maximize the benefit for all involved parties. Needless to say, we are exactly where we are meant to be.

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Rick, Founder and Ceo of Ariba Investments
Rick, Founder and Ceo of Ariba Investments on TVOne

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