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Pacific Northwest Inspections Group on Success, Property Inspections and Business Tips

Pacific Northwest Inspections Group is a premier provider of property inspections. They are located in Bellevue, Washington and offer various inspection services for residential and commercial clients. Check out our interview to learn more about their success, plus get their expert tips for entrepreneurs.

  1. Hello! Please tell us about your company.

Hello! We are Pacific Northwest Inspections Group. We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial property inspection services including: home inspections, lead paint testing, energy audits, mold and allergen air sampling, asbestos testing and much more! We are state certified, and currently service the Greater Seattle, Washington area.


  1. What inspired you to start this company?

Serving our community is what inspired (and still inspires) our services. We have over 25 years of experience, and are dedicated to providing inspection and consulting solutions in the property arena. Whether you are looking to buy your first home, currently own a home or business, or are a property investor, we are here to serve your needs.


  1. What does a typical client look like for you?

To expound on our previous response, we work with homebuyers, homeowners, property investors, contractors, property management and commercial building management. We are also a leading inspection provider for HUD homes. Essentially, our clients are looking to improve the quality of their home or business. Sometimes, our clients are already experiencing actual problems with their property, such as a leak or allergen. When they call us, we provide our consultative expertise, along with thorough inspections to help pinpoint the issue so that it can be resolved. Other times, we get clients who are not experiencing any particular issues, but they want to have their property inspected to ensure things like safety and being “up to code”.


  1. Most challenging and rewarding aspects of your business?

We are hands on when it comes to each and every inspection. Sometimes this means getting our hands “dirty” so to speak, by going into challenging environments that are potentially hazardous. In our field of work, we find great reward in helping to solve these issues. Knowing that our clients can have peace of mind about their residential and commercial properties is rewarding to us.


  1. Our audience mostly consists of entrepreneurs. Do you have any tips for business owners and aspiring business owners?

Don’t be afraid to evolve. Whether it’s updating your website, or getting new certifications that can help your company grow, don’t be afraid of change. Change is good!

Be consistent. As an established business, we’ve grown throughout the years by being consistent with the quality of our services.

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