One Host Cloud & Security Shares Global Success, and Gives One Expert Tip About Hosting That Every Entrepreneur Must Know

One Host Cloud & Security is a premier provider of website hosting services. Check out our conversation to learn more about their success, plus get one expert tip on hosting that every entrepreneur must know.

  1. Please tell us about yourself and OneHostCloud.Hosting?


One Host Cloud & Security was founded and managed by Ben McGuire who is the Cyber Security Director. Mr McGuire has over 15 year experience in the Cyber Security field and has utilized his vast skill-sets to bring secure and reliable Web and VPS Hosting to the customers of OneHost Cloud.


OneHost Cloud & Security is a global provider of secure Web Hosting and provider Secure Penetration Testing service including Kali Linux VPS Hosting for Computer Security Professionals.


  1. Please give us a rundown of all of the services that you offer.


OneHost offers a range of hosting services but what sets them apart from most providers is their range of security pentesting VPS Hosting Solutions. In addition to this they also offer the standard Cpanel Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting Services. The OneHost VPN consists of over 150 server in 51 countries across the globe for those wanting additional privacy and security



  1. One Host Cloud is based in the UK (awesome). Are your services limited to clients in the UK, or can anyone use your services?


OneHost Cloud is based in the UK as well as Australia and as they grow will expand in Africa where they see a market for secure and reliable Hosting services. We currently have over 600 customers from all parts of the world and this customer base in increasing 5% per week.


  1. How do you stay ahead of the curve in your industry?


OneHost Cloud & Security has thoroughly researched the Hosting market and based on this research concluded that most Hosting providers lack prompt support and support staff that is will to go that extra mile to assist customers. This is where OneHost Cloud excels due to their commitment to providing fast live support via their Live Chat system accessible via their website and their customer portal. In addition to their live chat they also have the usual ticketing system where their average response time is less than 10 minutes.



  1. One expert tip about hosting that every business owner should know.


Business owners should understand that bigger is not always better and OneHost is not aiming to be the biggest but they aim to be the best in providing secure and reliable hosting solutions that their customers can rely upon and have the peace of mind that when they need expert support it is going to come fast. Normally business owners elect to go with the big hosting providers and what we have found that going with these big-boys is that they lack the prompt support and dedication to each customer as they have so many their customers are just another number in their pool of thousands. OneHost not only provides expert guidance in migrating any website but will also move your website and/or services from any other provider free of charge and in the respect of websites, zero downtime.


OneHost has a number of customers that have had numerous services with bigger providers and they have had positive feedback from their customers when they become a OneHost customer due to OneHost’s dedication to customer service. This exceptional customer service was recognized by well-know HostAdvice where they were awarded ‘Excellence In Customer Service’.

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