New Year Business Resolutions? 4 Steps to Tackle The Toughest Business Goals For 2016

Whether you already own a business, or are planning on launching a new one this year, it’s good to get into the habit of completing goals. The new year can be a great time for new beginnings, and fresh perspectives, but that can easily go south if you let time slip away without accomplishing your goals. Don’t let another year go by feeling like you can do better. Now is the perfect time to go after what you’ve been putting off. Below, are four must know steps to help you tackle your toughest business goals in 2016.

1. Acknowledge Your Goals

Know what you want… would you like: more money,  happier customers, effective marking campaigns, new equipment for your business, a new brick and mortar location? Whatever it is that you want, acknowledge it with your thoughts first. Next, get excited about your goals (I mean REALLY excited).  Think about all the wonderful benefits you’ll receive when you accomplish them. For example, making more money could mean taking that much needed vacation, that you’ve been putting off. Or, spending extra time with friends and loved ones.

2. Write Down Your Goals and The Benefits of Accomplishing Them

Here’s where the fun begins. Jot down your goals, one by one. For each goal, also write down specifically how accomplishing this goal will improve your life. The second part is really important (and often overlooked),  just having a goal isn’t enough. You have to connect your goals to something real.

3. Create Actual Steps to Complete Your Goals

Start with the easiest goal on your list, and create steps for how you will accomplish this goal. For example, If you’d like happier customers, first find our why your customers are unhappy. This could be step one. Could your customer service be friendlier? Could you offer a broader selection of items, or better quality items? Let’s say you own a restaurant, and you’ve seen that your Yelp reviews have been looking a little sketchy lately. Although some people complain just to complain, there may be legitimate customer reviews in the mix that will tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve. So, if your service is a little slow, try to time your clients’ average dining experience and see if you can beat it by 5 minutes. Every little bit counts. This could be step two. Encourage employees to pick up the speed, and even reward them for doing so (step three). Whatever the case, after you know what’s wrong, you can write down logical steps for making improvements.

4. Execute

Seal the deal and put your plan into play. Now that you know what you want, and how to get it, execute your goals with bravery and consistency. Don’t let fear, fear or failure, or fear of success, stop you from doing something that can potentially change your life for the better. You owe it to yourself and your business to make 2016 a groundbreaking year! – Happy New Year 🙂

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Mark Blank

Sweet Startups co-founder and Yale grad school dropout. Mark sold his first website at age 22, and currently provides consulting services to small business startups around the world.

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