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New Trends of Seafood Restaurants

Seafood has become an essential part of every country’s dining tradition. Fish, clams, crabs, salmon, tuna, and eel are commonly served by restaurants to their loyal patrons.

Since this is the 21st century, people tend to look for something new. The baked clams, lobster rolls, and oysters can be too tiring to one’s palate. Old recipes sometimes do not make the cut anymore.

So what should a great diner serve its patrons to satisfy their taste buds? Here are some of the seafood trends in 2018 that many restaurants are following today:

  1. New and Fresh Fish

Most diners will go with the common shrimp, tuna and salmon. They are most of the popular seafood. For a list of other in-demand seafood, click this link here. As the saying goes, “There is a lot of fish in the sea.” All of them taste delicious but you want something that is new to the palate. Restaurateurs can serve customers new dishes that can make them go out of their comfort zones. These can include triggerfish, black sea bass, scorpion fish and sheepshead.

  1. Seafood as a Breakfast Dish

Seafood has increased in popularity when it was served on breakfasts and lunches. The reason for this can be traced to the Sothern cuisine’s growing popularity. As a result, most of the customers have reported being served some dishes like crab Benedict or shrimp and grits. There are also some that serve non-traditional dishes such as salmon frittata to substitute the protein that bacon and sausages generally provide.

  1. Seacuterie Sharable

Tantes Fish Market

This is a new trend that can serve people who want “just a few bites” of food. This can be an opportunity for restaurants to serve food in smaller quantities. This trend is still on its infant stage but there is still room for growth. Many customers prefer to sample a lot of flavors whether it is smoked or pickled salmon. There is also an opportunity to create a wonderful seafood presentation on a small serving. Cafes can utilize the different parts of the fish and bring out the best in them.

  1. Seafood Sustainability

The opportunity of heritage, narrative, and sustainability are important to many diners nowadays. The patron can feel more comfortable eating seafood knowing that it is not endangered. Seacuterie brings the relationship of fishermen and diners. This can be compared to vegetables where farmers can make a connection to the consumers who eat fruits and vegetables. Chefs can often offer a rich narrative through the menu. Whether the seafood underwent curing, smoking, or pickling, every customer can appreciate how the fish was brought into their table.

  1. Using Boards with Fishes

Charcuterie boards are becoming a lot popular nowadays. A charcuterie plate is a French term for dry-cured, smoked or cooked fish. This can offer a variety of eye-catching presentations and lots of flavors in a single dish. Generally, there is a catalog of premium shellfish that accompanies charcuteries. These can be generally found in high-end cafes that offer premium ingredients.

In some restaurants, the charcuterie is composed of pickled mussels, octopus, smoked salmon, smoked mackerels, crackers, spreads and vegetable crudités.

Another restaurant that offers charcuterie included beet-cured salmon, olives, tuna conserva, smoked fish dip, twice-baked saltines, olives, and toast.

A seafood restaurant can specialize in fresh cuisine or frozen ones. Look for the authentic one that serves fish dishes for more than a few decades already. You can check several restaurants that include Fish Market Maui, Uncle’s Fish Market and Grill, Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar, and a lot more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

If you are a patron, you might be presented with a menu that you’ve just heard for the first time in your life. Go ahead and try it. You can bring friends as well for a fun and lively taste experience. For a list of seafood diners in Honolulu, you can check this website: You can write reviews and blogs afterward to help people find the right place for them. A lot of restaurant owners want to present something unique to their customers. You might be the lucky one who will discover the unique taste that a diner currently offers to its guests. Send an honest feedback. Don’t forget to leave a huge tip if you really had a great time while sampling the dishes.

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