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In some stores, the service is better, while in others, sellers don’t even pay attention to customers. Maybe you’ve always wondered why that happens, and whether employers think of how their employees act. The answer is – they sure do.

Companies use a variety of ways to check their own or competing business and employee behavior. Vendors are the first line in contact with customers, and this first impression affects further customers’ behavior.

Mystery shopping is a type of testing which companies use to check what happens in their (or competing) stores. Mystery Shopping Belfast points out that this service is entirely legitimate and doesn’t jeopardize business ethics. Since this type of testing is simple and economically profitable, companies gladly use it as a way to improve their business.

Why Mystery Shopping

Here’s the situation: numerous complaints about stores are coming on the company’s address. Given a large number of employees, executives in many companies don’t know their employees and their way of working. So they want to check on what’s happening on the spot. Or companies want to sneak peek in the business of their competitors. They need mystery shopper services, which is why they are contacting the agencies providing these.

The task of mystery shoppers is to visit the objects, according to the requirements of the company that hired them. They have an arranged scenario, but they don’t go undercover. Mystery shoppers should look and act just like any other customer. Using verbal and non-verbal communication, mystery shoppers need to see, find out, and remember essentials. More about the types of non-verbal communication read here:

After leaving the place, mystery shoppers write all perceived things down. It would be a bit suspicious if they start writing down on the spot, right? It is important to note all details that can give an objective view of the situation in the store.

Parameters of Testing

Mystery shoppers are trained to note, remember, and give constructive comments after visiting the facility. They observe everything – the behavior of employees towards customers, mutual relations between employees, the appearance of the object, hygiene, etc. It is enough items for a mystery shopper to transfer information to the client, from the customer’s point of view.

Mystery shoppers don’t make a final evaluation after a single visit; they visit the same facility several times. Finally, they gather collected information and process them in special analytical programs. The final result is presented to the client as a full report. There are several types of these reports, and clients determine which one to use, depending on the number of parameters they want to test.

Who Can Be a Mystery Shopper?

To employees in direct contact with customers, everyone should look like a mystery shopper. In other words, vendors and service providers should be professional and behave the same to everyone, whether it’s a client or not. This source offers some useful tips on how to be a professional in customer service.

Everyone can work as a mystery shopper’s, regardless of sex, age (adult only), and previous work experience. They should have the appropriate education to be able to communicate. Talent for acting will do too, so as not to cause suspicion. Before going to the store, candidates for a mystery shopper undergo detailed training to learn how to transfer their experience as a customer to their clients in detail and objectively.

Mystery Shopping Do Good for Your Job

Unhappy customers rarely complain about the service and behavior of employees. They think no one will hear their complaints and suggestions and that they will not change anything. So why bother? They will simply walk away and spread the word about their poor experience to friends, relatives, random people. These rumors can endanger the reputation of the company, and lead to a reduction in the number of clients.

Mystery shopping can solve this problem exactly where it arose. The suggestions given by these temporary workers can help companies to detect and deal with the problem. What is good to know is that companies that ‘rent’ mystery shoppers guarantee full discretion and secrecy of the data collected in their surveys.

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