Morgan’s Dog Boutique: Husband and Wife Duo Share Success Story

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If you’re looking for unique and fun ways to accessorize your pooch, Morgan’s Dog Boutique has plenty of stylish options. In my latest interview, I talked with the husband and wife team behind this brand. Read below, to learn about their company and growing success.

  1. Q: Can you provide our audience with a little information about your company, Morgan’s Dog Boutique?


A: Morgan’s Dog Boutique is run by my husband and I (Sian and Rhys Morgan). We sell a range of trendy but practical dog clothes and pet accessories. Many items are designed in the UK by small pet businesses or designers. We have our own dedicated pet barkery and personalized dog gifts section where owners get gifts such as personalized dog beds.


  1. Q: What inspired the launch of such a fun business concept?

A: The business idea was prompted four years ago when both my husband and I travelled to LA and saw the huge demand they had for dog clothing. My husband’s previous job was as a nurse but he always had a huge interest in running his own successful business.

I undertook a business degree for three years specialising in small businesses and have since had jobs in finance, project management and marketing.  We both have a passion for dogs, and with the help of our own two, we came up with the idea for Morgan’s Dog Boutique.


  1. Q: In the US, the dog market seemingly took off with celebrity pop culture playing a major role (with fancy pooches appearing on reality T.V. shows, movies, etc.). What does the current dog market look like in the UK right now?


A: There appears to be similar trend the UK also. Many celebrities are dressing their dogs up in the latest fashion and shows such as ”The Only Way Is Essex” has increased the dog market which is now expected to be worth £35 million in the UK and is predicted to rise each year.


  1. Q: What are 3 of your most popular items?


A: I think our three most popular items at the moment are the:

Personalized Wooden Dog Toy Boxes, Personalized Dog T-shirts and Union Jack Dog Bandanas.


  1. Q: Your company also works with local designers. If someone is reading and wants to have their dog products featured on your site, what’s the process?


A: The process is simply, all they would have to do is contact us at: [email protected] with a little about them and what they sell. We then decide whether or not to feature it on the Website and if it a good fit, we usually trial most items. There is no cost involved; we just take a commission from the retail price each time an item is sold.


  1. Q: Future goals for Morgan’s Dog Boutique?


A: Our future goals is to be a successful online pet boutique globally and to have hundreds of suppliers / partners selling with Morgan’s Dog Boutique as it is important for them to the grow their business online as well as us.

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