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Michael J. Young. Jr on Executive Order Clothing Success

Executive Order Clothing is a fresh clothing brand for modern executives and entrepreneurs. Check out the interview I recently had with Michael J. Young. Jr, to find out more about this cutting edge company.

  1. Hi! Please tell us more about yourself, and /or your brand, Executive Order Clothing.


My name is Michael J. Young. Jr and Executive Order Clothing is a luxury Street Wear brand that focuses on encompassing Wealth, Power and Respect within the fine fibers of fashion.


  1. What inspired you to want to start a clothing company?


Well, the Business of Music maintained my primary focus for little over fifteen years , and I’m currently thirty years of age. With that being said, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone,but not too far, and the fashion industry seemed just right. I kind of jumped head first and learned a lot along the way.


  1. Your brand focuses around living an executive lifestyle (exciting!). If you had to describe what that means in under 3 sentences, what would you say?


I’d say that our brand focuses more on the ‘Executive Mind’ than living an executive lifestyle. One may not have a fancy corporate title or career, but they have the state of mind. A lifestyle is more Material, while the ‘Mind’ is mental , and more importantly, its the foundation of almost everything in existence from the latest invention to the newest trend.


  1. As a creative with a message, how important is it for you to make designs that are impactful?


Each and every design should feel like the creative’s first born baby. Thats my honest opinion. So, each and every T-shirt and cut & sew design should have purpose or meaning. We want to keep minds turning, and still meet the demands of our brands demographic.


  1. What is one of the most challenging aspects about running a clothing business?

The constant changing of trends and, of course, the competition. There are many Street Wear brands, and a lot of them are fantastic. Like many other industries, you to research the past, present and future and then do it all over again when theres a shift in trends.


  1. What is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a clothing company?


To me, its simply the experience. Learning the Industry and being able to see the masses wearing a creation birth from your brand is a rewardin itself.


  1. One goal you’d like to accomplish (personal and/or professional) this year?


This year, we’re looking to have our brand distributed here in the U.S., as well as Japan, Europe, Africa, U.K. and many other regions.

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