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Meet Mrs. Coco Zevallos the Founder of Zevallos

Check out the interview with Mrs. Zevallos, CEO of Zevallos shoes. See how this young woman from Philadelphia runs her very successful brand. The company handcrafts everything from bridal shoes to super thigh high boots. Zevallos has some of the prettiest shoes I’ve ever seen.

1) Hello, How are you? Let us know a bit about yourself.
Hey! My name Is Coco I’m from the city of Philadelphia. I started the brand 4 years ago with no help besides my husband and 3 amazing beautiful children.

2) How do you create your styles? What’s your motivation?

I like glitter, metallics, beads, and diamonds. My grandmother always wore fancy suits. I as a child always wanted to dress and wear pretty shoes like her. I get my eye for fashion from her.
I must say, my clients too, we have some of the best clients in the world. I’m still very much involved with my clients. Zevallos Missus are forever sending me ideas of what they want, like.

3) I love your thigh boots. What pair would you say is your all time fave?
Marlin Hands down. The blue color, I was looking over new material that just came in, I knew the color would be perfect. The boots sold way to pass our expansions.

4) Do you follow fashion trends?
Sometimes, we focus on making Jaw dropping heels and boots. We make shoes that demand attention. Our missus like different.

5) Do you work with other designers?

NOPE! I do work with a handful of female shoemakers who make all of Zevallos shoes by hand.

6) How long has Zevallos been in business?

4 years, Things took off really fast. Most people are surprised to hear its only been 4 years.

7) What’s your social media?

Instagram @zevallos_shoes and @zevallos__shoes
Twitter @zevallos__shoes
Facebook zevallos shoes

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