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Matthew Anton SEO On Why SafeRankBacklinks Is the Answer

Matthew Anton is a family man, and entrepreneur. His website, SafeRankBacklinks helps businesses build their web presence, and strengthen online visibility. Check out our interview session below.


  1. Q: Can you give us a little information about yourself and your business?


A: Sure, my name is Matt Anton and I’m currently married to my college sweetheart and we have a beautiful baby daughter Olivia. On the professional side I’ve been involved with online marketing since 2006 when my brother Dan Anton and I attempted to create a social network for gamers. We did it on a shoestring budget after Dan dumped his savings he made from 2 tours in Iraq as an Infantry Army Ranger Major, serving two tours in Iraq. The website was a really awesome idea, but we didn’t have the team or VC money to make it a reality. After days, weeks, months and years studying how to get a website popular I “evolved” from emailing people individually (might have been before Can Spam laws, haha) to understanding how search engines worked, receiving thousands of unique visitors each day. I was then hooked and fell in love with this tactic. After being the online marketing manager of a billion dollar travel agency I wanted skin in the game and to help other businesses, not just one at a time.


  1. Q: How do your services work?

A: Our services work by helping promote your business online. If someone searches for a dentist in New York there are literally dozens, hundreds or even thousands to choose from. It’s not enough to have a business, you have to be the best. Through various promotions online Google, Bing, and Yahoo begin to take notice, and help you reach your target market over your competition.


  1. Q: Why kind of results can clients expect to receive from your services?


A: Clients can expect to see increased rankings in the search engines. This means if they were on page 3, they will end up on page 2 the next month, and hopefully on page 1 the next month. It’s a progressive service that sometimes takes quicker or longer depending on the competitive nature of the keyword phrase and other variables. Goal is to get to page 1, #1.


  1. Q: With Google and other search engines constantly changing, how do you manage to stay ahead of the curve?


A: It’s sort of like a grand master chess champion that loses his mind “playing against himself”, because you can war-game simulations in your brain about the future, but in reality you just have to do daily activities to reach your goal. In SEO, we take a near/long term approach. Don’t cut corners and put a business in the best possible position to not only rank next month, but next year.


  1. Q: What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned personal or business-related?


A: The biggest lesson I learned in business is mutual success is key to winning. As a young kid in his twenties I wanted to create a giant social network, but I wasn’t actively making anyone money. With SEO, the only reason I make money is because I make other people even more money. It seems simple but everything I do in life, personally or professionally is based around helping others get what they want.

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