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Martin J. Stallone Sweet Startups Interview

Martin J. Stallone is the executive vice president of land development with Metropolitan Development Group (MDG), a role in which he regularly draws on his 20 years of experience in capital markets, structured finance, and, of course, land development. At MDG, Martin is responsible for managing a wide range of corporate functions and also oversees the company’s cash-flow analytics, finance, and risk management, among other things.


Hi! Please tell us about yourself and/or Metropolitan Development Group.


I’m the executive vice president of land development at Metropolitan Development Group (we typically refer to the company by its acronym, MDG), which is a broad-based land development firm based out of Eastern Pennsylvania. Over the past 15 years or so, MDG has successfully developed countless projects that include all manner of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.


Why is sustainable development so important for the future of your industry?


Sustainable development is important for so many reasons, including the environmental benefits as well as the resulting energy and cost efficiency enabled through the use of sustainable development principles. Since consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable living options for both economic and ethical reasons, it is readily apparent to everyone in the industry that sustainable development will only continue to become more prevalent over the course of the next few years.


What inspired you to pursue a career in this fascinating industry?


When I assumed my current role as executive vice president of development, I did so partly because I felt so inspired by MDG’s innovative business model and its focus on acquiring raw land for development purposes. I was also excited by the opportunity to to assist the company by offering the extensive insight and expertise I’ve gained as a result of my more than 20 years of experience in relevant industries.


You’re involved in quite a few charitable/philanthropic endeavors and volunteer often in your community (cool!). Can you tell us more about that?


I think it’s important to give back to the community whenever possible, so I volunteer as a basketball coach for the local high school and also serve as a board member with the IM Able Foundation, the Wyomissing Area Education Foundation, and the Wyomissing Football Association, just to name a few of the organizations I’m currently involved with.


Do you find it difficult to strike the right balance between your professional responsibilities and your personal life?


It was difficult to find a way to balance my personal and professional responsibilities early in my career, but I’ve come to understand just how important it is to strike that ideal balance and to always be mindful when it comes to keeping your priorities in order.


Any parting tips for entrepreneurs?


There seems to be this conceit among entrepreneurs that it is necessary to take on — or at least be fundamentally involved with — every last responsibility in order to lead the company to sustainable success and long-term prosperity. While there are indeed a handful of talented entrepreneurs who actually possess this rare form of versatility, the majority of successful entrepreneurs simply recognize that assembling a team of knowledgeable specialists is the far more effective strategy.

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