Marlon Kobacker, Co-Founder and Director of Sustainable Future Group, on Eco-Friendly Business Advising

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In this interview, I spoke with Marlon Kobacker, co-founder and director of Sustainable Future Group. Check out our conversation to learn more about his company and get tips for creating a more eco-friendly business.


1) Please tell us more about yourself and your company?


My name is Marlon Kobacker, and I am the co-founder and director of Sustainable Future Group. As a member of the sustainable design industry and renewable energy sector for well over a decade, I am proud of the work we are able to do for our clients and the positive impact Sustainable Future Group is able to have on the environment. We believe that by supporting education and innovation in our industry we can continue to play a fundamental role in addressing climate change as well as supporting more extensive sustainable living efforts all over the world.


2) What inspired you to want to provide sustainable advisory services for businesses?


As a veteran of the sustainable design industry, I know that there are quite a few misconceptions regarding the options available to the clients we typically serve. We were inspired to establish Sustainable Future Group as a way to better educate clients on what can actually be accomplished through the use of sustainable design principles and renewable energy resources, particularly since we wanted to demonstrate that the most environmentally friendly option is frequently the most cost-effective option as well.


3) Why is it so important for business owners to assess sustainability?


Business owners tend to possess a bottom-line perspective when it comes to any decisions affecting the company, and this is an entirely reasonable position. Owners who possess this perspective should assess sustainability as a means for reducing operational costs while enhancing the overall productivity the company is able to enjoy.


4) What does a typical client look like for you? Are your services only for Australian companies?


We believe each and every client is unique and will benefit most from a sustainability plan designed with the client’s unique goals and objectives in mind, which is why we worked so hard to develop a unique business plan that would acknowledge the need for such individualization. When working with a client, we take great care to analyze every facet of the client’s company so we can develop a comprehensive plan that delivers the best possible results. Our expertise is indeed applicable beyond the borders of Australia, and, just by way of example, I hold certification as a LEED Accredited Professional from the United States Building Council.


5) One simple, expert tip that can help entrepreneurs become more “eco-friendly”?


The best tip I can offer to entrepreneurs is incredibly simple: Carefully evaluate your operations and determine the areas in which eco-friendly innovations can be incorporated in a way that achieves economic goals as well as environmental goals.


6) Future goals?


We hope to position Sustainable Future Group as a leader within the renewable energy sector through an innovative approach that ensures our clients reap a whole host of rewards from the holistic service we provide.

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