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Get To Know Mark Campbell – VP of Marketing at InventureX

Mark Campbell is one of the respected names in the world of crowdfunding. With years of experience in the industry, as well as being an entrepreneur, he has facilitated the launching of over 300 product concepts and was recently featured on Forbes and

Before starting InventureX and becoming the Vice President of its marketing department, Mark Campbell first studied at the University of California where he achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with Honors.

He also researched Internet Retailing at the Sloan Center, one of the most prestigious centers for innovative research in the country. He also finished his post-graduate studies and gained his International Business certificate from the Fudan University in Shanghai.

His insights and contributions at InventureX led to launching different products, such as ski pole flasks and electric bikes among others. Mark Campbell has always been ready to take on the challenge of transforming ideas into working businesses, allowing him to come up with thorough and revolutionary marketing campaigns.

Currently, Mr. Campbell is a resident in Los Angeles, California and loves to travel. He enjoys track racing during his spare time.

Please tell us about yourself and/or your business?

First of all, my name is Mark Campbell. I love sushi and Mexican food. I like watching car shows, and scenic walks in the morning, although I rarely get the chance to enjoy them.

I am the VP of Marketing at InventureX, a company that we started in 2012 that now has a substantial online presence, especially with our successful crowdfunding projects. InventureX is made up of the X-Team, along with the Executive Team, and we partner with new businesses to help them launch their crowdfunding campaign.

What inspired you to start your company?

Even when I was still a child, I have always been interested in being an entrepreneur and having a company. I listened to different stories from lots of people as I grew up and I read some books related to business as well.

I found the little ideas people had to create big things mesmerizing when I was younger, and it probably directed me to this path. It has always impressed me that some individuals can come up with simple concepts and turn them into a sensation. Up to this day, I still get fascinated whenever a client comes up with a brilliant product. It is the driving force that lets me want to do my job every day. The way people conceptualize what they need to do or offer their potential customers in growing their business is amazing.

How long have you been in business?

InventureX was founded in 2012 and just like our clients who plan to establish their new businesses, we also found it difficult to start the company. Crowdfunding is undoubtedly one way to avoid losing control of the business or going into debt — two of any entrepreneur’s worst nightmares.

Since the inception of InventureX, our team has removed the limitations of product launches and digital marketing. In an interview with, I shared details on what crowdfunding can do for businesses, no matter what their size.

What are some of the challenges you face in your industry?
Being in any industry means you should be ready to face challenges. More than once each year, there is almost a brand new encounter that tests you. Luckily, I have always passed the test. Perhaps one of the things that I view as a huge challenge is when I had to let go one of the members of my team. It was a tough decision to make, and it was the first time I had to do so, which made me anxious.

Also, early on in the business, I think I failed to approach some matters correctly. I had to learn most things through trial and error. It is not always advisable in some industries, but it eventually worked for me.

Criticism is often hard to deal with, and I would let some issues get through me, causing me to lose some future opportunities. Later on, I learned that I had to give myself time to understand that these mishaps were part of the learning process. It was difficult to take in at some point, but I used it as a chance to get comfortable with myself and the industry itself.

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