Marcus the Motivator Shares Success, and Gives Tips on How to Stay Motivated

In this interview, I spoke with Marcus the Motivator. Check out our conversation, as he shares his success, and gives tips on how to stay motivated.

  1. Hello! Please tell us more about yourself?


I am Marcus the Motivator, motivational speaker extraordinaire. I am about to release my book the Pinnacle of Motivation which is everything I know about motivation and will be doing a world tour and documentary as a part of the launch.


  1. What inspired you to want to motivate others?

Helping a friend when he was in need, which he then suggested I was really good at it and I should seek out doing this full time, then one thing led to another and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The feeling I get from helping others is so powerful.


  1. Our site is primarily geared toward entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. What’s one tip every entrepreneur should know about staying motivated?

If you keep going eventually you will break through. Regardless of how tough it gets, eventually if you try enough things (or “fail” enough) then you will eventually breakthrough.


  1. Why is staying motivated important when it comes to completing business goals?

You never truly know when things are going to “click”, you can try things in business that you are sure will work and they don’t, you can fail 10 times then for nearly no reason the 11th time it works. So always stay motivated and ultimately if you’re in a senior position or own the business, if you’re not going to be positive and motivated then how can you expect your staff to be??


  1. What do you do to motivate yourself?

I ensure I make time to reflect on my achievements and my goals and where I am at, at the very least 3 times a week, to keep myself in check for what I am doing but also for what I have planned. I make sure I have huge goals that I am working towards and that I ensure every day that I at least take 1 step towards these goals somehow.


  1. What’s next for you in 2017?

2017 sees the release of my new book, with a large international tour, kicking off with my “Dear Philippines, Success, is in your genes!” show at SM North EDSA Skydome in April and from there it only gets bigger as it will all be made into a documentary about the launch.

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