‘Long Live The Internet’ Owners on Success, Startups, and What it Takes to Let Go of Your Day Job

Long Live The Internet is a creative company that helps people start and grow online businesses (with limited resources). It was started by entrepreneurs Jon and Bob, who share their successes and failures along the way to help others reach success quicker. Jon and Bob have half a dozen online businesses, and are authors of bestseller “How To Start An Online Store”. Read our Q and A session below to learn more.

  1. Q: Please provide our readers with a little information about

A: Long Live The Internet was really started to help people build their online businesses. We have been working with people for years doing this but haven’t really provided the tools or shown them how to do it themselves. The internet has changed so much over the last couple of years and now just about anyone can start a side business and start making money online.


  1. Q: You both worked in real estate prior to helping people start online businesses. What inspired the change, and how was the process taking on a new business concept?

A: We worked in real estate but were both fascinated by software and the internet. Our first solutions were actually real estate related software. We had incredible success building tools to help people online and then we started exploring other avenues. Its really grown from there.


  1. Q: Do either of you guys still have day jobs, or is this a full-time venture?

A: This is our full time day jobs. We own a software company and a real estate company but we spend our time building online businesses and sharing the story with people. It can’t be done overnight but you can start a side business and build it to be able to generate enough money that you can leave your job. We walk you through that process.


  1. Q: How did you manage to take the leap to completely let go of your day jobs?

A: I think that nobody should quit full stop until you have enough passive income coming in from successful online businesses. It’s much easier to build something on the side and build it up. You have to be committed to working though and putting in the time. If you work a regular job during the day, you need to come home at night and put in the time. Don’t sit on the couch and watch mindless nonsense. Commit to even an hour a night and you can slowly start building your business.


  1. Q: What are 3 things every entrepreneur should know about starting an online business?

A: It takes time, it takes commitment, and its extremely rewarding. You will struggle for a while because everything takes time. Its like pushing a boulder up the hill. Once you get it to the top though you can focus on maximizing your revenue streams and picking what interests you. There are endless online businesses that you can build. From an online store to an informational site or even writing a simple book. If you are a mechanic, people want to know about your business. Put it in writing and you can self publish the book at no expense to you. We walk you through these ideas.


  1. Q: Any favorite quotes, daily rituals, etc., that help to keep you motivated?

A: Every “overnight success” has many years of struggling before it that you don’t know about. You have to push and push and at the end it will be worth it.

Long Live The Internet is owned by Robert and Jon two online entrepreneurs that have over a half a dozen online ventures. They teach you step by step how to get started and offer a free resource guide including over 50 of the tools they used online to make over a $1,000,000. You can get the guide at

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