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Lifestyle Blog Success: Average Joe Arbitrage on Travel, Saving Moola and Becoming a WordPress Ninja

If you’re an “Average joe”  looking to travel and save more,  Average Joe Arbitrage has you covered.  Check out our interview to learn how to hold onto more money, with this exciting lifestyle blog.

1. Hello! Please tell us more about yourself and your website.

I am just an average person who read the “Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien as a young boy and was forever moved by the idea of “going on an adventure,” and seeing what the world has to offer besides just my little slice of the “Shire.” To me the “Hobbit” was more of a documentary on living your life than a work of fiction.

Fortunately, my love of travelling has taken me to working for an organization that allows me to travel around America as much as I want. I normally travel about 330 days a year, which is far more than any of the so called “travel experts” on television.

2. What inspired you to start Average Joe Arbitrage?

I started sharing my ideas for credit card arbitrage, secret shopping and other online ways of making more money, getting more airline miles and receiving more hotel points with my friends and family when a light bulb went off. I started Average Joe Arbitrage in order to share my ideas with others; to help to inspire them in the many different ways of getting more travel into their lives and live more rewarding lives..

3. Biggest challenges that you faced when launching your site?

I do not know WordPress, which is the platform I use for Average Joe Arbitrage, so it has become a real challenge learning the process and developing a interesting site people want to keep coming back to.

4. How did (or do) you overcome those challenges?

I spend hours trying to learn how to work within the WordPress format and read and listen to others as much as I can.

5. Your site aims to help “Average Joes” keep more money in their pocket (awesome). Our site is primarily geared towards entrepreneurs. Why is it important for entrepreneurs to hang on to more moola?

Starting a business is expensive! So, the more money the entrepreneurs can save, the more the can plow back into their business and grow it!

Average Joe
Photo Courtesy of: Average Joe Arbitrage

6. You also talk about travel and adventure. Please tell us more about that. Any favorite destinations?

I love travelling around America! I am fascinated by the many varied different cultures, communities and geographical features of this great country! But, it seems any time I am near the ocean, I am the most happy. The Florida Keys are my most favorite destinations; they have fascinating ghost tours.

7. Future goals?

My future goals include building up the Average Joe community to being the most informed group of travelling, money making adventurers that a group can ever be.

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