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Kathy Larson on Health and Wellness Coaching Success

Kathy Larson is a global wellness consultant with over 25 years of experience. Read our interview to learn about her amazing journey to success.

  1. Q: Can you provide our readers with a little background information about yourself and your business?

A: I’ve been in the Health & Fitness Industry and Wellness Promotion, both Corporate and as an individual Consultant, for over 25 years. Oil Well ~ Lake Country is my latest business endeavor, which incorporates my prior business of Global Virtual Wellness Coaching, with my Coaching Wellness Matters business.

My passion for educating others to always strive to live a healthier lifestyle, mentally, spiritually, nutritionally, and physically, stems from my childhood. I was very fortunate to be raised in a family where the majority of the food we ate was fresh vegetables out of the garden, fresh fish caught off the lake we lived on, and usually venison was our meat selection from what my Dad and four brothers brought home. Growing-up in a very active and athletic family, and to practice our faith daily was just something we did. Thus, finding enjoyment as a 5-sport athlete throughout High School, and being fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe experiencing a variety of other cultures, health & fitness was a natural fit for me.

  1. Q: What inspired you to become a wellness coach?

A: Upon graduating from the University of Maine with my degree in Health & Physical Education, Recreation, & Coaching, I began my professional career as a Physical Education teacher, Coach, and Personal Trainer. I guess I just always felt there’s more to be learned and pursued professionally, so after having my 2 children I started my own business focusing solely on Personal Training & Corporate Wellness. At that time I began consulting daily with my training and found that the majority of my clients wanted to share their story, and needed to in order for me to meet them where they were currently at, thus Wellness Coaching.

Wellness Coaching is about focusing on behavior change, receiving accountability, support, and helping you to define and refine your personal and professional goals. Helping you to identify your wants versus your needs, and teaching you to respond versus react on a daily basis.

  1. Q: Healthy living seems to be a trending topic. Are most of your sessions with individual clients, or corporate/ office settings?

A: I have done a fair amount of both in the past 25 years, though now I’m working primarily with groups of 10 or individuals, as we have an Exclusive Wellness Coaching Membership we offer at Oil Well ~ Lake Country, that focuses on offering a very personalized session with other members that also want to learn more about the Wellness topics we address: Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Reiki, Essential Oils & you, your pets, & home, Olive Oils & Vinegars, and Organic Nutrition.

  1. Q: How does health and business affect each other?

A: They are one of the same. If I don’t try my best to personify what I’m selling, then there is no validation to the need of it as far as I’m concerned. That’s not to misconstrue that I too am human, and sometimes making poor choices personally is part of the lesson, and why I’m able to educate others on certain wellness topics, because I too have lived some of what they have/are experiencing. Thus I firmly believe ultimately sometimes it’s in failing that we succeed, and helping others to learn from some of my experiences is an invaluable lesson that I tap into with Wellness Coaching.

  1. Q: What’s one tip you’d give to someone who owns a small business, or is considering starting one?

A: To make sure you’re passionate about what you’re embarking on. To find a personal connection to whatever it is that you want others to buy into. I believe we all have an inner voice that we need to pay attention to, in order for us to follow our true destiny both personally and professionally. The majority of the time we don’t take the time to listen to others, let alone ourselves, because we’re too busy preparing for what we feel is the most important thing at the time…our response.

Find your happiness within you first, take the time to discover your dreams and to explore your wants, so you can truly identify your needs in this one life you get to live!


Kathy's Latest Book
Kathy’s Latest Book

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