Joseph Bismark Shares Tips on Balancing Business With Happiness

Joseph Bismark is a successful entrepreneur who believes in balancing business with happiness. Read our interview below to find out how he does it!

  1. Joseph BismarkPlease tell us more about yourself?

I’m a dedicated family man and a passionate advocate of healthy living, vegetarianism and respect for the environment. I’m also a businessman – I co-founded the QI Group of Companies, and the author of the book entitled ‘The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom’.


  1. Please tell us about your business and marketing experience?

I’m the Group Managing Director of the QI Group of Companies, a diversified multinational entity catering to varied businesses that include education, hospitality, direct selling, financial services and retail. Prior to this role, I was Marketing Director for Asia and the Middle East, taking care of the implementation of the Group’s marketing strategies, including Marketing Communications and Public Relations, in the region.


  1. What is the most important thing that you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

Don’t become an expert. Don’t think that you know everything. What you know yesterday may not be applicable today. Always think like a beginner. Don’t stagnate – keep challenging yourself to innovate. And, invest in young minds.


  1. You focus a lot on happiness. Why is happiness so important for entrepreneurs, and how is it best achieved?

True happiness is the goal of life. It’s best achieved when you know who you are. Knowing who you are is understanding that you’re not your material body, you are the soul. Happiness is within you and the key to it is feeding the needs of the soul and not the wants of your material body. Don’t get lost in the jungle of materialistic life. Build and cultivate a relationship with the Supreme Person.


  1. What makes you happy?

I’m happy when I get to share the true knowledge of ‘who you are’ and when I’m able to change someone’s life by doing that. I’m happy when I’m able to help someone search for happiness in the right place and conquer their fear of death and the unknown.

A person can prepare to climb a mountain only to find out that he’s about to cross an ocean. If I’m able to help this person figure out how best to prepare for something he aspires to achieve, that makes me happy.  


  1. Please tell us about your biggest accomplishment?

I may have accomplished a number of things but I know that they can be taken away sooner or later. My biggest accomplishment is my spirituality – getting to understand ‘who I am’ and knowing how I can conquer suffering and free myself from the cycle of birth, disease, old age and death.



  1. What’s the best advice you’ve given? What’s the best advice that you’ve received (can be personal and or professional)?

The best advice that I’ve given is ‘Don’t walk on one leg. Walk on both’. Fill your material needs as well as your spiritual needs and strive to keep a balance. There’s nothing wrong with driving a mercedez benz but you may want to consider spending the same amount of money you bought it with for helping others in your community.

The best advice I received was that there is no real happiness in the material world and that I can only achieve true happiness by pursuing knowledge about my identity and cultivating a relationship with the Supreme Person.



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