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Jay Rice on Thinking Chat, Entrepreneurship, and Traveling

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jay Rice. He’s the  founder and CEO of Thinking ChatTM ,  a cutting-edge, sales technology company. Check out our interview below, to learn more about his amazing journey to success.

1. Q: Please provide us with a profile about yourself and/or your company?


About Thinking ChatTM

A: Thinking ChatTM is a dynamic software company located north of Boston, MA. The company’s proprietary technology allows businesses to rapidly increase their sales and profits through its unique automated virtual agents.

The company provides a Quick Capture AgentTM which is an automated solution to the widespread problem of turning website visitors into leads.

Learn more about the Quick Capture AgentTM

Jay Rice

About Me (by Jay Rice)

From a career standpoint I’m an entrepreneur. I enjoy working in the realm of ideas with other creative and smart people who like to make exciting things happen. I’ve had my share of success and failure but try not to look in the rear view mirror too much. I’m driven to keep moving forward.

With the technology we have at Thinking ChatTM I’m super excited because this is a technology that has helped myself and other companies enormously and it puts me in a position of building a business while adding value to other entrepreneurs. I just love helping other entrepreneurs because it can be a lonely road as an entrepreneur sometimes and I believe we’re a unique breed of businesspeople that should stick together.


On a personal level I’m a proud parent. My kids are everything to me. I’m blessed with a wife and two kids, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. I have a great family and inner circle. For fun I love taking adventure trips with my brother and we’ve done some cool things like camping in Africa, driving motorcycles across Cambodia and stuff like that.


  1. Q: In today’s market, what is one of the biggest challenges for processing sales leads?

A: Well there is more than one but one really big issue is that most business owners operate under the false belief that a person who visits there website will contact the business if they are ‘interested’. This is not true! Data from market research firms repeatedly shows that online conversion of visitors to leads is less than 5%.   For a number of reasons more than 95 out of 100 people who visit your website are not contacting your company. Getting more high quality visitors to contact the business and provide their information so you have a healthy lead pipeline is a fundamental need for any business with a website.


  1. Q: How does a Quick Capture AgentTM from Thinking Chat™ solve this issue?

A: A Quick Capture AgentTM engages with the website visitor and offers to help them get the information they need quickly and easily. This allows the visitor to streamline their search process or find out if your business has what they need. The Quick Capture AgentTM captures the visitor information, lets them know the right team member will follow-up and then it thanks them and sends this information to you for follow-up. Because the engagement is dynamic it captures significantly more of your website visitors than static contact forms.



  1. Q: Please give us the inside scoop on a Quick Capture Agent™, what is it and how does it work?

A: The Quick Capture AgentTM is a piece of proprietary software that provides an automated agent for your business’s website. An easy way to describe this tool is that it mimics a live person on your site but the entire thing is automated. Word of caution though – Do Not get caught up on the ‘chat aspect’. It’s not about chatting, it’s about engagement and lead capture. The goal is not to create a toy that has an answer for everything. The goal is to use this tool to have a short and directed conversation. We help you create a ‘mini-dialogue’ for your agent that matches your business and we simply place a line of code on your site and your agent is capturing leads quickly and easily.


  1. Q: How long have you been an entrepreneur? Why did you make the decision to run your own company?

A: It started at an early age. As a kid I did a number of odd jobs including things like cutting grass, selling seeds, and selling lemonade. Then in high school and college I moved on to landscaping, dump runs, cutting trees etc. My Grandfather was a successful entrepreneur and I always knew I would have my own company.   It took me a long time though. First I spent a lot of years getting a formal education including an MBA and a post-MBA and working for other people. As my career progressed the positions became more and more entrepreneurial until finally I ran the U.S. division of European firm as their U.S. CEO. This was a good experience and I was able to grow that business from a six figure business to a 7-figure business. Finally I became so disgusted with corporate politics that I decided to start my own company. While I was operating that company I learned a lot about driving traffic to a website but became frustrated with lead capture and lead conversion. So, I did what any good entrepreneur would do and I created a solution which became Thinking ChatTM.

When one of my customers had issues with lead conversion I used a derivative of Thinking ChatTM on their website and turned it into the Quick Capture AgentTM.


  1. Q: Two interesting facts about yourself?


In college I studied Zen Buddhism and spent a weekend with a Zen monk at his mountain temple in Japan.

I sold my last company thanks in large part to an automated marketing funnel.


  1. Q: One crazy goal you’d like to achieve in the future?

A: I’ve always dreamed of writing a bestselling book that touches peoples’ lives in a positive way.

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