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Jakub Tencl, Ph.D. MHS on: Success, Meditation and How Hypnotherapy Can Help Entrepreneurs

I recently had the distinct opportunity to chat with Jakub Tencl, Ph.D. MHS, a professional, registered hypnotherapist based in London. He offers a wide variety of services to help people enrich their lives and fulfill their dreams. Whether you want to lose weight or tackle that tough business idea, his services are aimed to help you go within to become more self aware and overcome your challenges. Read our interview below to learn more about his success and expert tips for entrepreneurs.

  • Please tell us about yourself and/or your business(es)

I was born in Prague and grew up in the oldest part of the city. As a child, I created a relationship with old things. If you live in this city long enough, old buildings can become somewhat interesting and I was pulled in by such interest. With my sense of creativity, I began to draw. All my creations focused on buildings. Inspired by other artists, I found my own style.

That’s not all; my father led me to understand that a wider perspective includes more interests. Therefore, I grew intrigued by other things such as physics and microelectronics. I remember that when I was studying, I felt that it would be practical to take notes of all my thoughts. With my knowledge, I believed that I could do inventions. The main thing was the excitement of discovering something. Sometimes I discovered something that was already known.

Enough about my childhood. I focused the beginning of my life on IT. It gave me an opportunity to improve my logical skills, while the other side of my creativity and spirituality was growing at the same time. That led to the moment when I decided to change careers and focus on my lifelong desire to help others.


  • What inspired you to become a hypnotherapist?

Since an early age, I had a strong visualization and the ability to calm others. Friends also told me that my voice was so soothing. Then, I read the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Murphy and was immensely fascinated. It had a big influence. Furthermore, in my view everything is just an image in our minds if we want to be free. Hypnotherapy perfectly fitted into this view. Whatever we create in our minds is what we come to believe in.

  • How can business owners use hypnosis to improve their businesses?

Hypnosis is mainly designed for achieving goals; every entrepreneur has goals in their business. Hypnosis empowers us to believe that the impossible is actually possible. However, that is built from one prerequisite, and that is a balanced personality.

  • What is lovefulness?

Lovefulness is a method of self-acceptance inspired by the basics of Ho’oponopono. It is something that reconciles unresolved emotions, but also triggers images hidden deep in subconsciousness that offer insights into the essence. It ultimately brings freedom as an absolute achievement of self-acceptance.

  • Why is self-acceptance and meditation important for entrepreneurs?

For many reasons. If somebody thinks that meditation is for those who are on spiritual paths, that’s not true. Meditation doesn’t only enrich life through beliefs. The wonderful thing that you can take from meditation is anything that resonates with you. If that means just relaxation, then that’s what’s best at that moment.

Every entrepreneur will sooner or later go through stress or helpless situations. At those times, it will be clearer than ever how invaluable it is to practice meditation daily. Becoming more mindful due to meditation can prevent unexpected events. In addition, meditation helps to improve cognitive skills such as memory and attention, but also self-esteem which is so essential when we need confidence.

However, a new model of business that is constantly introduced by coaches explains that stress and helplessness are not a part of such a model. You simply do what you love and stay in the flow. Things in this flow do not have obstacles nor tension, because everything is in balance.

Self-acceptance is important for many reasons. For instance, how can we have a unique vision if we don’t accept ourselves? Vision is what brings success, but that includes tests and it will be obvious how much we accept ourselves and our ideas. The point is that if we do not accept ourselves, we end up in confusion or similar states.

Perception Jakub

  • Please tell us about your recent book Perception From a Multicultural Perspective.

This book is a research in the areas of psycholinguistics and multiculturalism with extraordinary findings.

  • As an author do you have any expert tips for other writers?

Every writer faces a challenge on the way to finishing his or her book. So what helped me was to learn practical tools from mentors for how to make a plan.

  • How do you stay motivated?

I had a very useful tool – The Mental Bank – or I was reading The Secret. Now, my daily meditation is what keeps me motivated.

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