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Is Transforming A Photograph Into an Oil Painting Possible?

Have you ever heard of the saying “Pictures fade but ink lasts forever”? I bet you haven’t. And you can’t argue with me otherwise. After all, I made the whole thing up just now.

Jokes aside, there are really many advantages to having a portrait painted rather than photographed. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against photographs. And if you’re a photographer reading this article right now, know that I have a lot of respect for your craft. Yours is a different kind of art from painting. However, one thing’s for sure. Both types of art desire to encapsulate the meaning behind moments; to keep the overwhelming emotions of people locked inside a timeless vessel that will defy time itself.

It’s a lovely thing to think about. And a truly remarkable profession to work for – both painting and photography, that is.

However, I also can’t deny the fact that there is a peculiar charm to paintings that is rivalled by no other. Maybe it’s the skill; maybe it’s the heart. The time and energy sacrificed for the completion of a single masterpiece is enormous and exasperating. Imagine having to spend days locked up in your workstation, seeing nothing but the colors in your mind, never opening anything except the doors and windows of your imagination. It is indeed a challenging feat all artists are destined to achieve.

But for art to form, time must be invested (read more). This goes not just for the artist but for the model as well. If we’re talking about stick figures and scenery, time becomes less of an issue. However, if we’re talking about portraits of actual people, then time truly is an alarming hindrance to the perfection of art. After all, in portraits, models are required to pose for artists for an indefinite amount of time. This takes a great deal of patience and drains a good portion of energy from the person modelling for the painting.

I mean, can you imagine?! According to one painter, it’s possible to complete a single colored portrait in a span of 24 hours. But still, that’s quite a lot of time to remain in one position. It also means a lot of stress for the painter since he has to put up with you moving around all the time. But seriously, who has the patience to sit or stand for a whole 24 hours just to get his or her face on paper?

Well, Napoleon Bonaparte maybe! But we have to keep in mind that he had his full-body portrait done centuries ago. And that he also had no other choice. (Read more about this here:

But nowadays, we DO have a choice.

We have the choice of posing for an artist for days at a time to get our beautiful selves painted. Or, we can simply send them a nice photograph. I’m telling you, the latter seems like a less exasperating choice. With today’s technology, portraits don’t have to be painted in real-time anymore. The painter and the model don’t even need to be in one place! They can be oceans apart and still, the painting can be accomplished without much trouble.

This is definitely where the two worlds (Photography & Painting) meet.

The best part about this whole thing is that you only need to provide a few requirements in order to transform any gorgeous photograph into textured canvass. What you basically need is a clear, detailed photograph (of yourself, your pet, or some scenery that you like) and a talented painter that has the skill to recreate exactly what is on the picture – and maybe even add a brilliant touch.

Luckily, skilled painters like these are not too hard to find. That is, if you know exactly where to look. Also, online painting services like 1st Art Gallery photo service is more than willing to share some of their creativity. The world is brimming with inspiring hands and imaginative minds; you just have to find them. But don’t just settle for any good ol’ artist. Rather, choose an artist who sees beyond the lines and shades of the photograph and paints your soul on canvass.

Find that one artist who can express who you are in paper and creates a piece you won’t regret paying for.

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