Interview with JMD Furniture Founder Dev Joshi

Dev Joshi is the one of the owners of JMD Furniture, a company he founded along with his family members, Ritu Joshi, Preeti Joshi, Narender Joshi and Sunita Joshi more than a decade ago in the DC Metro Area. Despite the company’s humble beginnings as a small business with just a handful of employees, JMD Furniture now boasts seven locations and is recognized as one of the Northeast’s foremost dealers of elegant and affordable furniture.


In addition to his entrepreneurial expertise, Dev is also able to draw on extensive experience in diverse fields such as computer science, graphic design, sales, and marketing. As the owner and CEO of JMD, Dev’s primary responsibilities revolve around managing the company’s operations as well as developing its high-level corporate strategies. Despite the demands of his leadership role, Dev continues to devote a great deal of time to actively listening to the feedback provided by any customer that happens to walk into one of JMD’s seven locations.


Hi! Please tell us about yourself and your company.


Let’s start with the name and go from there: JMD stands for “Jai Mata Di,” a common Hindi phrase that, when spoken, is believed to invoke positive vibes. I was inspired to apply the values expressed in these words to an entrepreneurial endeavor, which ultimately led me to start a small furniture company well over 10 years ago.


Like most new businesses, there were times we had to endure struggles and growing pains, but looking back I’m positively amazed at all that we have accomplished in a relatively brief period of time: We now have seven locations, and we recently earned recognition as one of the Prime Buyers Report’s Ten Most Trusted and Valued Furniture Dealers.


Why is the phrase “Jai Mata Di” so important to you and your company? And what does it mean when translated to English?


[Dev began by explaining that the phrase translates as “Hail the greatest mother of all,” but the phrase’s common usage is a bit more versatile than the literal translation might indicate].


When I along with my other family members initially founded the company, we built it on the set of values expressed through the phrase Jai Mata Di. We believe that these foundational values are a big reason we have been so successful. Those values guide every decision we make and shape everything we do, which is why our customers speak so highly of the service we provide each and every time they interact with us.


The expression also serves as a constant reminder of the importance of building meaningful relationships with our customers as well as our colleagues, and this emphasis on relationship-building further influences the quality of service we are able to provide as a company.


What’s next for JMD Furniture in the future?


Obviously, we’ve expanded quite a bit already, although we have always been careful to ensure that expanding our reach doesn’t limit our ability to serve our customers in the way they deserve. In the future, we have plans for further expansion, provided that any additional expansion does not negatively impact our longstanding commitment to the core values we have always held so dear.


Any parting tips for entrepreneurs?


You’ve really got to believe in what you’re doing, so make sure that your entrepreneurial pursuits are grounded in something that is personally important to you. When you begin to achieve your entrepreneurial goals, you’ll find that your success is genuinely fulfilling because you are doing something you value and truly believe in.


And, no matter what industry you enter, make sure to listen to your customers at every opportunity; they always offer the best ideas and insights, yet too many entrepreneurs ignore this valuable opportunity or simply dismiss the source entirely. Simply listening to your customers will greatly improve the likelihood that the company will achieve its loftiest goals and ultimately thrive for many years to come.

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