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Nu is a multi-talented blogger, author, and businesswoman. With her blog,, she not only offers great insight on mental and physical health, but she’s also actively involved in combining research, expert interviews, and anecdotes to shed light on long-term benefits.


To start, can you please tell us about

Nu: The story of the blog Noddiction is a very interesting one. It started off focused on addiction, and has expanded to now include a wide range of different topics, including healthy thinking and healthy living. The blog is available in three different languages: English, Turkish, and French. This allows people from diverse cultures to benefit from the information and resources. The blog is available in different categories, catering to different kinds of people, with each category addressing ways to live a healthy life. Nuoclock’s philosophy of “a healthy mind in a healthy body” has already helped in transforming hundreds to thousands of lives all over the world.


Our audience mostly comprise of entrepreneurs. What are some of the things that entrepreneurs can learn when visiting your site?

Nu: We cover a wide range of topics, from how to feel more confident while speaking in public, to how to deal with stress, or the benefits of having a healthy mind in a healthy body. I believe that to stay on top of their business, entrepreneurs should also stay on top of their health, entrepreneurship and health go hand-in-hand. By learning to live a healthier life, they can experience a more fulfilling life.


What is one of the toughest challenges that you’ve had to face? How did you overcome that challenge?

Nu: When I first started writing about addictions I knew I would face a tough battle, especially when it comes to talking about psychoactive substances and illegal drugs. Since I had never used drugs or been tempted by them, how could I take people to a place I had never been? Then, I told myself that drugs are causing so much harm that I could not ignore that kind of addiction. I knew that with research, interviews with experts and with people who suffered from addiction, I would be fully-equipped to address this issue. The reactions have been very positive.



In addition to the blog, you recently launched a magazine (congrats!). How was the process of launching your first magazine?

Nu: Thank you. As much as people like reading blogs, I know people love magazines! I thought it would be a great way to share my passion about health with more people; so, I first did market research on how to start a magazine. I already knew what my readers were interested in. After defining my content, I teamed up with an external design agency. It worked out better than I thought. You know everything is created twice, once in my mind, and once in reality, we can create literally anything we can imagine.


Are they any positive sides to addiction? Can one be addicted to success?

Nu: One can be addicted to anything, but there aren’t any positive sides to addiction. Wanting to succeed is positive, but if thinking about success becomes an obsession in your mind, it’s time for alarm bells to start ringing.


What most inspires you?

Nu: Connecting! Meeting and talking with other humans from different walks of life who share your interests, passions, and beliefs is the most powerful thing ever. Contributing to people’s happiness is the whole idea behind

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