Inside the Wonderful Life of Kelly Wonderlin: Family and Business Success

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Kelly Wonderlin is an extraordinary wife, mother, and business woman. Check out our conversation below about how she does it. You can also follow her amazing journey at:

1. Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

A: Sure! I’m Kelly Wonderlin and I live in Austin Texas, with my wonderful husband and two awesome children! I also own two companies and work in the marketing/advertising/social media space and often partner with big brands as a video correspondent, spokesperson and or brand ambassador. Above all, I balance my professional life with my family and personal life.

  1. Q: What inspired you to share your “wonderful” life with the world?

A: Haha, honestly, the truth of what life really looks like. Some people portray a sense of what they think readers want; I tell the truth, 100% of the time. Life is messy, chaotic and it can be very tough. Juggling two careers, being a wife, being a mom and being a step-mom is tricky. Dealing with obstacles that are thrown in my direction is no easy task, but I choose to make the best out of every situation. No one has a perfect life, so I am here to help make your life a little more wonderful and share my story, my tips and tricks, apps, helpful websites and technology to get your through your days.

  1. Q: What’s a typical day like in the life of Kelly Wonderlin?

A: Oh my! Haha, Lets start at midnight. Both kids are asleep, my newborn is still in my husband and my room. I set my alarm for 2 am, check on her, go back to sleep, set my alarm for 4 am, check on her, go back to sleep, set my alarm for 6 am, feed her, get up and start my day. Work, laundry, dishes all throughout the day. I change her diaper every 3 hours and still feed her every 3 hours. I leave at 2:20 pm every M-F to go get my step-son from school, load the baby in the car and get him and her out when we arrive back home. I try to work and play with both kids until 5. Some days I work later than 5, other days I am able to stop work at 5 and direct my attention to my family.

  1. Q: You’re also the co-owner of a sports magazine, Horns Illustrated. Can you tell us a little more about that?

A: Four years ago the opportunity to co-own Horns Illustrated arrived and having a background in sports and having a lot of friends go through the NFL I jumped at the opportunity! I love this company and look forward to continuing to watch and help it grow!

  1. Q: As a Youtube personality, what is the most important aspect when pairing with other brands?

A: My love of the brand. I only collaborate, support and make YouTube videos on companies I genuinely love. All of my blog posts and videos are my own genuine thoughts and feels for the companies.


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