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How to Find the Best Beauty and Wellness Services Across Melbourne

When you are searching for a beauty, fitness or wellness service in Melbourne and across the area, there are certainly plenty to choose from. In fact, you can lose half a day ringing around the various establishments to see what services they offer and search for the service you require. Now, there is a new time saving way to find the best of all these services in one place – it is called Honee.

How Honee works

At one time to find a beauty salon or a fitness centre, you would have used a manual directory to search for it. As the internet blossomed, this would then become using search engines or perhaps social media. Honee was born with the idea that it could provide all of the information needed to find the best beauty, health or fitness service – all from one website.

Honee is a booking and engagement platform that allows visitors to discover the range of services available across the city. It can be used to find a specific service, a specific business or simply to get an idea of what kind of services or businesses exist and where they are. The website groups the businesses into categories to make searching even easier, such as Beauty, Nails, Hairdresser, Spa, Massage, Acupuncture and Yoga as well as Pilates and Fitness.

Once you choose the category you require, you can then further fine tune the settings. For example, you can search by locations, opening time or simply input a particular term in the search to find results that apply.

Benefits of using Honee

As well as making it easy to find the right business with the right services, there is also a lot more information on the website for each business. Within the individual listing is information about the services provided and even specifics about their main services. Some businesses include a price list so you can get an idea about the costs involved in any particular service or procedure as well as further specifics about them.

The business listings also include all the opening house, contact information and even the ability to contact the business via email if this is offered. A map allows a quick glance to where the business is located and any transport connections required.

There is also a clear advantage to registering with the site for businesses. By using Honee, you can make your business easily visible to people who are looking for the very services that you provide. By having your own spot on the website, you can showcase the services offered to people who are either searching for them or seeking inspiration. And the customers you are showing your business to are in your area so there is no wasted promotion to people in other parts of the country or even abroad as can often happen with non-specialist sites.

Also on the website

Honee has also created its own encyclopaedia to help visitors understand the various services offered on the website. So if you want to know what a Brazilian wax entails or what kind of hair suits dreadlocks, then the Honeepedia has the information you need. It allows people to fine tune their ideas about the treatment or service they require or even find inspiration for something new to their normal routines.

Honee is also a part of the #MAP16 at Melbourne University’s ‘Melbourne Accelerator Program’. This is the top start-up incubator for businesses in the whole of Australia and helps people turn their business ideas into business realities. It is one of the top entrepreneur support systems in the country and Honee are proud to support it.

Note: This is a guest post.

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