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How To Become Focused At Work

You start the day purposed to get work done by inserting yourself into your job only to find yourself, an hour or so later, having blunt conversations with your colleagues, replying less-important texts and e-mails or busy on your social networks. Well, this is the common cycle that many of us live every other day, so you are not alone in that boat.


Call it evil or what you may, but how can you avoid such distractions to ensure that you remain focused and accomplish your day’s objectives?


The human mind is easily wavered and influenced by other things, and this makes it hard to realign our focus to our goals. But should not imply that it is impossible to achieve this. Here are five ways through which a person can improve their focus at work and be able to discard unnecessary activities that divert them from their objective. The five methods may be subjective by they also are effective.


  1. Work In Lumps


The human brain has a limited attention span; thus it can be attentive to certain amounts of information for a limited period. As such, it is important to align the right information in our minds that line up with our goals or objectives; but this may be easier said than done. Subdivision of work is one strategy that can lighten the load on the brain; having tasks in small and manageable segments.


The strategy works help you avoid engaging in one type of work for hours on end. Dividing it up into small lumps allows your brain to have a breather and not worked up. Taking a break in-between after every few chunks of work completed also helps.


  1. Reward Yourself


Spending time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat is no such a bad thing. It is, in fact, a healthy thing because socializing is an important activity for a person’s health. However, such an action is wrong when done during a time when there is pending work. An effective strategy, one that will help ‘kill two birds with one stone’ is to reward yourself with a bit of ‘chit-chat’ after covering some significant amount of work. Identify several tasks you need complete before visiting Twitter, Facebook or any other site. Also, spend a specific amount of time catching up with your friends online so that you can find time to resume work and complete the remaining tasks.


  1. Find The Right Music


Music can be a calming element as well as a source of motivation; it all depends on the type of music you love, and that moves you based on your various moods. Some people will get a new surge of energy to work when listening to techno music or other intense and upbeat tunes. Other people work better when listening to jazz music. Make a playlist of various songs, ensure that whatever you pick is music you can filter out with easy while working to get you pumped up for the day. Avoid music that gets you emotional or thinking about the words in the lyrics; these can easily become a distraction.


  1. Go Incognito


If you just find it hard to stay away from Twitter and Facebook and your workmates are always sending you e-mails at work, just consider hiding yourself. Become invisible, go incognito and set auto-response alerts such as ‘BUSY, PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB’ to incoming calls and messages. Sometimes, you can do your best to stay busy but only find your desk flooded with fellow works as you all get engrossed in a hearty but pointless discussion. If some co-workers love visiting your desk, just put on those headphones, adjust the volume accordingly and listen to your favorite ‘work-motivation playlist.’ This also will keep you from feeling inclined to spark up or join a conversation.


  1. Get Focused with Vitamins and Supplements


Getting focused can be helped by changing what you consume. If you eat a burger every day for lunch, it’s going to impact on your ability to think. Improving what you eat by consuming brain foods or even vitamins with the vital parts of those brain foods can help you think more clearly and stay more focused. Smart drugs can also help and are a renowned way of improving your ability to get things done. They’ve become increasingly popular and can make a huge difference to your focus.


  1. Get Passionate About Your Work


Lastly, nurture your interest and passion for your work, and you will easily gain focus once you get into it, working with dedication. Develop an interest and those long hours spent working will seem insignificant compared to the satisfaction of having achieved a set objective for the day. It is easy to lose focus in we are disinterested in what we are doing. It, at times, may not be easy to find an interest in work, but thinking about the bigger picture of your obligations can help you be passionate about what you are doing and stay on track when working.

Note: This is a guest post.

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