How Frugal Startup Owners Can Save Money on Trips, Supplies, and More With Ebates

Ebates allows online shoppers to cash in on a wide selection of cashback deals from some major retailers. This free, tried and true membership-based savings program has paid its members with about $1B in cash back for their online purchases. To use it, you can sign up for free using your email or Facebook. Just make sure you click to activate your cashback offer before you checkout. You can use it on well-known sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many more. If you are a startup owner, you can also save money using Ebates. All you have to do is to follow these tips:

  • Take Trips with Travelocity Using Ebates

There’s no reason not to take vacation after years of opening your startup. With Ebates and Travelocity, you will receive promotions and some special booking services.

  • Purchase Shipping Supplies on eBay with Ebates

Office supplies may be anything from a digital voice recorder or a box of pens. Regardless of what office supplies you want to purchase, you should shop with Ebates and get cash back or coupon codes from selected merchants. As a member of Ebates, you will not only get cash back from office supplies, but also on other items available.

  • Purchase Office Equipment From Amazon Using Ebates

If you want to upgrade your workspace, it is much easier with today’s advancement of technology. Just shop with Ebates and you will get cash back and coupons on every office equipment that is suited for your business. You have to take note that your main priority must be the comfort of your clients and employees. So, get ergonomic chairs for your conference rooms and find the best couches for your work space.

If your lobby requires an upgrade, look for a quality reception desk in a modern or traditional design. Other office-furniture stores have professionals that will provide you advice on your office furnishings. They will also give you designs, planning, and installation. If you are a startup owner with home office, find the right furniture that would best fit to your space. There are various options you can choose from. Envision your setup, measure to ensure that your furniture would fit and shop with Ebates for you to get cash back and coupon codes on your purchases.

Shop with it in order to get cash back and discounts not just on furniture but also on office equipment you will need including fax machines, printers, and computers. You may shop with Ebates regardless of your needs for your office.

  • Use Ebates and GoDaddy for Hosting and Websites

If you own a website or e-commerce business you can use it every time you shop on Godaddy.  It will provide you with 5 percent cash back on majority of the purchases. This includes renewals! Can’t beat that!

  • Travel with Ebates and Expedia

Ebates provides a range of cash back rewards on every Expedia shopping experience. You may earn 7 percent cash back for a cruise booking, 4 percent on hotel booking, and 1.5 percent cash back on rental car. Flights may also earn $1.25 for every booking.

  • Use Ebates for Shopping Supplies From Office Max or Office Depot

Both Office Depot and Office Max offer 3 percent on every purchase with an exception of gift cards, business division services, and store pickup orders. Aside from basic supplies like papers and pens, if you have an office where clients often visit, always buy supplies from Office Max and get 3 percent cash back!

It’s totally free to sign up to Ebates (you get to earn cash back on online purchases – which is great if you already shop online and we’ll get credited for your referral – thank you!). If you shop online, you can make extra dough on things that you would normally buy anyways, so it’s definitely a win-win. Happy Shopping!

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