How Helped This Entrepreneur Launch Her Own Website helped this startup entrepreneur launch her own website.  Check out her story, along with 1 tip about what keeps her motivated as a business owner.

  1. Please tell us more about yourself and your business?

I am a marketing and branding consultant, and I help small business owners improve their digital marketing.

  1. What inspired you to start your business?

I had a lot of friends that were running great business online… Specifically in the eCommerce space. So I wanted to get into it too and make some money.

I picked a few products I liked and began selling those, and the rest is history.

  1. How did you start your website?

Well, I was actually looking for a cheap domain first and noticed a company called CanSpace has the cheapest domains from what I could find. They had good reviews and cheap hosting too so I figured I would pick them.

Once I had my hosting up I simply found a theme for WordPress, got my store up with WooCommerce and started advertising.

  1. Is CanSpace just for Canadian business owners, or can entrepreneurs in other locations use it as well?

No it’s not just for Canadians, anybody can purchase from CanSpace.

  1. 1 tip that helps keep you motivated as an entrepreneur?

Make friends with successful people. Seeing them put in consistent work will help keep you focused as well (and you’ll feel bad if you’re not working as hard!)

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