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Venta USA is the American branch of a Germany-based air technology company that has been in operation since 1981. They specialize in the creation of advanced eco-friendly air humidifiers and purifiers, along with accompanying products such as potent aromatherapies, water treatments and the like. Now, you may wonder “What does a company like this have to do with the creative community? This seems to be way more sciencey than artsy.” Well, you’d be surprised! This article gives you a few looks into how Venta USA has made some waves across several creative industries.



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In November of 2017, Venta USA collaborated with The Fresh Faces Project to release a piece called “Real Beauty In The Eyes Of Fashion Models.” This was an article that enlisted the opinions of tens of established fashion models discussing the issues with beauty standards in the modeling industry, how to achieve their concept of “real” beauty and what they felt The Venta Airwasher could do for aiding in maximizing each one’s natural beauty.


This project reached thousands of people online and received an overwhelmingly great response from those both in the fashion industry and not. Some of the quotes from the article were actually quite moving such as: “There is a constant underlying pressure (in the fashion industry) to remain young looking like you are anywhere from 5 to 10 years younger in order to stay on top of your game” , “It can be a challenge at times living up and being viewed as just a face” and “beauty in this industry can seem extreme …when you have a more natural look sometimes it might be harder for you to get a job.”


It is very admirable that Venta USA cares for what models have on their mind and not just on their bodies, especially because they are not a fashion-related brand!



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In January of 2018, Venta USA collaborated with The Fresh Faces Project again win a city wide teen artist competition. They enlisted the works of four Chicago teen artists to visually conceptualize their leading product, The Airwasher. Through this competition, these four teens were able to gain experience on their resumes working with an international corporation, exposure to tens of thousands of people by being published in the popular online article and personalized recommendation letters! The people’s choice winner amongst the four artists who received the most social media votes won a cash prize from The Fresh Faces Project and a free airwasher from Venta USA!


Wow, this was such a nice opportunity for Chicago’s young talent to be showcased and given noteworthy experience in their craft. Venta USA firmly stands behind the cultivation of creativity within children and teens, believing that a strong passion for any craft is good foundation for the future success of generations. They surely have demonstrated that through their direct community involvement!





The ongoing article series, “How the Plot Would Have Been Completed Different If They Had a Venta Airwasher” written by the staff’s Public Relations – Editorial specialist has accumulated lots of praise online! Why? The series thoroughly depicts how the plotlines of various popular television dramas could have been altered if their characters had Venta Airwashers. Whether fans actually take them seriously or just read the articles for kicks, thousands have reacted positively!


Some of the best claims include Spencer from “Pretty Little Liars” might not have developed a drug addiction, Elliot from “Law & Order:SVU” might not have had that infamous temper and Annalise Keating from “How to Get Away with Murder” might not have become an alcoholic. Crazy, right? To see how these claims were explained and their potential effects on each of the shows story, visit the Medium link beneath the banner. The clear amount of research involved in these articles and hip knowledge of what’s hot in entertainment is super cool coming from an air technology company!






If the those things weren’t impressive enough, Venta USA is even involved with the music industry! The article above, “A Rockstar’s Handbook To The Venta Airwasher” goes into depth about the benefits of using The Venta Airwasher for musicians. The product helps increase concentration, saves the voice, rejuvenates the body after a wicked jam session and protects your instruments! Many musicians have found that a product like The Venta Airwasher is undoubtedly useful for anybody who’s serious about a music career.


There you have it! Venta USA is not just an air technology company. They’re not just “sciencey,” they’re “artsy” too! Besides having fantastic products as it is, the moves they are making in the creative community speak volumes and ought to be continued. Sweet Startups looks forward to see what they will do in the future!

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