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HiLife Vitamins: Remaining Competitive For Almost 50 Years

Running a business is hard. Ask any person who has ever owned their own company, and they can explain the difficulties of not only succeeding right away, but adapting as time goes on as well.

For HiLife Vitamins, they’ve made things look relatively easy. Even though so much has changed with vitamins and supplements over the years, they remain one of the leaders based in the United States offering a wide supply of leading supplements from a variety of manufacturers and attentive customer service.

How has this business based in New Jersey found a way to stay competitive? Adapting and focusing on the big picture has helped quite a bit.

E-commerce: Expanding Traditional Retail Online

Every business that is over 20 years old has been forced to figure out e-commerce in some capacity. No one could have imagined in 1971 that HiLife Vitamins would now sell so much through their website online.

Local competitors were not as quick to pick up on where things were going in the business world. HiLife Vitamins found an opening, and they were able to capitalize on e-commerce while still maintaining the advantage of running a local retail operation.

This is a company that also had to adapt to the growing interest in vitamins and supplements around the world. What was offered in the 1970s is not the same as now. Not only are there a lot more specialty products, but supplements are much more refined now as well. They are put under a lot more scrutiny, so only the strongest brands end up surviving.

Leading Supplement Brands Proudly Offered

Shoppers online are looking for variety, as traditional stores simply can’t stock so many different items at one time. HiLife Vitamins currently has over 4000 different products for sale, and they work directly with some of the best brands out there.

Some of the most popular brands featured on HiLife Vitamins include Pure Encapsulations, supplements from Solgar, Douglas Laboratories, and Jarrow Formulas. They all have overwhelmingly positive reviews as companies themselves.

All of those featured, professional brands are endorsed by doctors around the world. They all have specific options that target certain needs people have. The majority of shoppers tend to gravitate towards those brands at first when they are beginning to shop.

Consider HiLife Supplements For Your Health and Wellness Needs

In the early days, only local shoppers in the Chatham, New Jersey area were able to shop with HiLife Vitamins. It was a pretty standard local shop with a consistent customer base, but everything is much different now. The store is still open for business, but the online store is open for business worldwide.

As HiLife Vitamins has grown over the years, they have done a great job of providing that same type of local shop service which is getting rave reviews from publications covering the supplement industry.

If there are any questions or concerns about certain products, The company offers a customer service line for calls as well as a contact form for email conversations. Expect very quick responses during normal business days from 9 AM to 7 PM, Eastern standard time.

Any order over $49 comes with free domestic shipping. The company has found a way to stay competitive while so many others have fallen by the wayside over the years. If they continue to stay smart and adapt to the changing times, there is no stopping the next 50 years from being great as well. HiLife Vitamins continues to find ways to do everything right in an industry that’s constantly changing which is admirable and something all businesses can learn from.

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