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Hawk Mikado on Success, Resilience, and New Book

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Hawk Mikado is a serial-entrepreneur and author of the new book, The Top 3 Challenges That Can KILL Your Business. Read our interview below, to learn about how he resiliently overcame and mastered both business and personal challenges.


  1.   Q:  Can you tell us more about yourself and your business?

A: Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in online to offline marketing and sales systems. He is the creator of The Ultimate Marketing and Sales System, a powerful 9 step process to attract, convert and deliver value to your customers so you build trust while increasing sales. He will help you craft values-based messaging that inspires and engages your customers to buy every step of the way. Hawk Mikado has co-founded 7 profitable businesses and sold all but this marketing company which he has been nurturing over the last 14 years to be the success it is today.


Hawk Mikado is an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a family man. He has fun every day and truly loves everything business. It’s his passion and life purpose to help companies succeed. He is the expert in marketing and sales strategies. Hawk Mikado traveled the world 12 times over, and knew at a young age that he wanted to help and serve in a HUGE way.


He set out to learn everything about business and gives back by sharing his knowledge with others. He continues to have fun traveling the world, spending time with the love of his life, Caitlin and going to the zoo, and Disneyland with his friends and family. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping companies increase revenues and their employees become focused on their passion, and confident about their path.


InVert is a full service B2B marketing & sales agency, helping transformational leaders and experts to authentically take the spotlight and make an impact on the world with their legacy. We focus on the 3 Pillars of success in business: Quality Leads, Big Ticket Sales, and The Right Team.


We are the only strategic marketing and sales agency that combines digital marketing, with creative collateral and backs it up by a powerful sales team.


We highly value Innovation, Creativity, Strategic Thinking, Modeling Excellence, and Communication. We are helping to create a world that is more Connected, Inspired, Loving, Respectful and Authentic.


  1.     Q: How did you become an entrepreneur?


A: In 6th Grade, everyone in my class had the opportunity to start a company. By that point I had already had a few businesses, and I was helping with family companies. By the time I was 18 I had started 6 companies. To this day I’ve started over 21 companies and 7 of them have been profitable. Including my current company which started in that 6th grade class and had developed over the years.


It hasn’t always been easy, there have been many companies, projects, products, etc. that I’ve launched, and they completely failed, and given me the experiences that have helped me to get our company to where it is today.


  1.     Q: What was the inspiration behind your new book?


A: Knowing that other businesses have the same challenges that I’ve faced in each of my businesses, I knew that I had to write out it.

Like most entrepreneurs I thought that I could grow off of referrals alone and doing everything myself. I didn’t have enough qualified leads to grow my business and follow up on. So I went out and found leads, and things began improving.

Once I had leads, I assumed that everyone would want to buy my program, and I had people who could buy, but I didn’t understand how to sell to them. I had to learn how to sell to them. Which led to me selling small ticket programs for $100 – $200. Those caused me more problems than I could have ever imagined. I soon figured out that selling a $200 program was just as much effort as selling, the exact same program for $2,000, but the people buying it were much more satisfied.

The last was thinking that I could do it all on my own, because it was my baby and I was the only one who could do it right… Boy was I wrong! The moment I brought team members on it made things better. I had to fire my entire team because of performance issues; I learned the value of having the right team around me. Our company now has 3 partners, a core support team, and over 70 people who help us deliver, as we need them.


  1.     Q: Your website talks about how you started 20 businesses, but only 7 were profitable. What’s the biggest lesson you learned about being resilient?

A: Find a mentor that fits you, a mentor is someone who has been through what you’re going through and has the results you want to get. Once you have achieved that assess if that mentor is still right for you. Keep seeking mentorship from others for your entire life.


You can use a coach while you’re searching for your next mentor, AND realize that unless that coach has been through what you’re going through (which would make them a mentor) they can only help you with the “strategy” of how to get there. Where a mentor will help you find “Tactics” and get you there faster.


  1.     Q: What was the most challenging experience you’ve ever faced?


A: It started when I was in High school, I felt very misunderstood and I was definitely different. As a result of being different, I wanted to fit in, to be “normal” to have lots of friends. I started to hang out with the wrong crowd, we would drink, smoke, and skip class. This didn’t help me fit in, because I was still able to make A’s & B’s through it all. I did have the occasional C and one class I got a D, but that didn’t stop me.


Move forward to when I was 18, I had just broke up with my girlfriend of the time and, was devastated. I spiraled into my business, and I was in full force creative mode, but I didn’t eat… All I did was drink OJ (with Vodka most of the time)… I would be up working for 20 hours at a time, getting maybe a few hours of sleep, the right back to it when I got up.


I got to a point where my body shut down, and as a result I ended up in the hospital, The first night I was there I Died 3 Times, My heart Stopped 3 Times, and every time they were able to revive me. The doctor came in and told me that I needed to change my life or I would die for good.


  1.     Q: How did you overcome that challenge?

A: I overcame the challenges I faced by seeking out mentors who could help me through the pains and “demons” I had. I learned about psychology, Neurolinguistic Programing, Tactical Influence, Leadership, Accountability, and Mindset Shifting Techniques. Eventually I developed my own process that I call Neuro Communication Systems. I use the processes to remove immediate doubt, pain, fear, sadness, and more. Overall I’ve spent around $100k in my personal development, and I continue to invest in myself to continue to learn.


  1.    Q:  What are the 3 major challenges that businesses face and how can they avoid them?


A: There are 3 Major challenges that every business will face at some point. The challenge becomes how to overcome them if you’re in the middle of them AND how to avoid them if you haven’t experienced them yet.


In our eBook The 3 Major Challenges That Can Kill Your Business… And How to Avoid Them we discuss the simple yet important keys to developing a business that will grow with you through the million and multi million dollar marks in your growth.


The best part about this is that these 3 “laws” of business are seen by businesses that are making multiple Billion’s to those just starting out.


The first challenge is all about your relationships. Building relationships with the leads you have, with new leads, and most importantly with your centers of influence who will bring you more leads.


You’re not going to get the QUALIFIED leads your business needs to grow if you can’t get leads to come to your door in the first place. In our ebook we share very cool techniques on how to develop these relationships.


The second challenge is related to making sales. This means you have to convert the leads you get into PAYING customers. Yet not just any type of paying customer, you’re going to need some BIG-TICKET products & services that you can offer and sell.


The amount of energy you spend to land a $500 client is about the same as a $5,000 or event $50,000 client. So why are you focusing on the $500’s when you have $1,000’s lying at your door! We share with you some strategies and tactics to make the transition in the book.


The last is around your team. Most companies hire fast and fire slow… we believe that you should be hiring fast and fire faster…. ONLY if they’re not a good fit. The right team can make all of the difference, and having the tools that get you the results you want to begin with is even better.


Another part of your team are your center’s of influence. They are the JV’s, Affiliates, & promotional partners that give you the ability to leverage everything you’re doing.


If you’re interested in learning all of these things you can download our book and watch the free training video inside as well.


Text InVert to 96000 or visit http://NVRT.ME/3Killers


  1.     Q: In your experience what is the #1 way that a business can increase profits, decrease risk and avoid these 3 major challenges?


A: There are 2 parts to this question. Pre-selling and business structure all related to avoiding the 3 major challenges.


Pre Selling you product. You have people pay for it to be developed and distributed. This avoids spending money before the market has told you that they want to buy it.


First you pick your target audience, and have a velvet rope of qualifications like annual revenue, salary, company size and title.


Pre-selling has been the number one way to grow my business. This is one of the strategies that we teach to our clients and in our programs. The principle is to sell your products or program to enough people that you get paid to develop a new product or program. I go more in depth with this in our Linked With Clients Online training, and in my other book The CMO Handbook. What I’ve found though, is most businesses need to address the first 3 challenges they face, before they can pre-sell.


One of the greatest things that I learned is that there are 3 pillars of a business structure. Marketing/Sales, R&D/Production, & Admin/Operations.


Most companies put 50%+ into Admin/Operations 30% into R&D/Production and only 20% into Marketing/Sales. This is a recipe for disaster. How can your business grow, let alone survive, if you only give it what it needs 20% of the time.


Put 67% into Marketing and Sales. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend $7 out of $10 on marketing & sales, it means that you are investing 70% of your resources overall to attracting the right qualified leads, and a lot of them. Developing relationships with those leads to close sales. And those relationships will lead to centers of influence. One key with this is when your team builds relationships first and sells second your sales will increase by 199%… 300%… or over 1500% in our case.


You put 23% into Admin and operations. This includes delivery of your services, products, programs, etc. YET Just because it’s only 23% doesn’t mean that you’re going to want to slack on performance.


The last part is your R&D and Productions. This 10% is crucial to your growth, AND your best results will come when you do 2 things. First is only create something after you’ve sold it (pre-selling) and second is create something new at least every 6 months to keep your company relevant. Your customers/clients will also have something new to buy.


Each of these 3 pillars relate directly to the 3 major challenges, the closer you are to these %’s the easier it is to avoid them.


  1.    Q:  Many entrepreneurs might get overwhelmed, or feel misunderstood at times. Based off of your own experience, what’s one thing you’d tell them to help them feel more inspired?


A: When I was growing up, one of my friends of the time was going through his own challenges, facing his own fears, and had plenty of his own demons. One day, he blamed me for all sorts of stuff that was happening to him, called me things that would have been hurtful… if they were true, and did some things that gave him the space to protect himself from the successes that I was having in life. These successes were not in alignment with his core-values.


I confronted him the next day and asked him why he said all of those things, and he shared with me that those were all fears, concerns, and pains that he had with himself.


He used me as a mirror for what he was thinking, and what was going on in his life.


When your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers say things like… “that will never work” … “you can’t do that” … “you’ll never make money doing that” … “you’re crazy to try that” … etc.


What they’re actually saying is THEY could never do what you are doing or want to do. When you tell someone what your vision is, they put themselves in your shoes, and try to see himself being able to do what you’re saying. And when they can’t, they say all of those things. As a result you might feel misunderstood.


As for being overwhelmed, hire people. It will cost you less to hire someone who does the tasks under $20 ($50 to $100 if you’re already making 10k+) and you do all of the other tasks. Also bring on a marketing and sales team and quickly!


Want to contact Hawk?

Email: [email protected]

Call: 855.350.4295

To download your copy of this free book Go to

or Text InVert to 96-000.

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