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H3 Entertainment on SXSW, and Building and Promoting Chicago’s Next Wave of Musicians

In this great interview, I had the opportunity to chat with H3 Entertainment / Go Sity Entertainment. Their company specializes in building and promoting hip-hop brands. Read below, to learn more about their SXSW experience, along with what goes into creating Chicago’s next wave of musicians.

1. How long have you been providing marketing solutions for local artists?

I came into the industry in 2008 throwing parties and local showcases. Through my popular presence on social media, I was able to establish a cult like following of local artists and executives looking for my expertise in music marketing solutions. So 2015 made it seven years that I have been providing my services to the public.


2. For anyone who may not know, what does the Chicago music scene look like right now?

The Chicago music scene has been exploding since 2011. Now a days you can find very creative, diverse, hardworking artists filling out all the genres. Very proud to be an ambassador of the city’s music scene right now.


3. What are some of the biggest challenges that you’ve faced, and how did you rise to meet those challenges?

I would have to say my biggest hurdle was dealing with those times when no one wanted to support my dreams. Those long nights became like a double edged sword because it gave me a lot of time for self reflection, helped to build a lot of character and inner strength I didn’t know I had. More importantly it taught me how to believe in myself more then ever.


4. One guru tip that every aspiring artist should know.

You can’t cheat the grind it knows how much you’ve put in. Your goals should never outweigh your work ethic. Research before making any type of investment.

H3 Ent
Photo Courtesy of H3 Entertainment


5. What is one of your proudest accomplishments?
I have two actually. The first would be the launch of my company, it all started from an idea. I was able to put all of my vices to the side for a whole year and save up enough capital to launch a brand. The second would have to be this more recent, this year, I did an event at the SXSW and A3C festivals and attended the offices and worked with reps of major record labels Def Jam, Roc Nation, Cash Money, Atlantic, and Republic.


6. Future goals for H3 Entertainment. We’d love to know.

I think when you’re an established brand you should have the same goal, stay consistent and expand.


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