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Graham, UK Events Promoter, on Success, Battle Of The Musos, and The One Tip Aspiring Artists Should Know

In this thrilling  interview, I had the chance to chat with Graham, UK events promoter for several amazing venues. Check out our Q and A to learn more about his success.

  1. Q: Hello! Please tell us more about yourself, and or business?

A: Hey and thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, my name’s Graham and I currently work for The White Swan, Minions Bar and Mango which are venues all situated in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Each venue, while remarkably different in their own individual respects, share one common goal – to provide the best service, products and entertainment to the town and surrounding areas.


  1. Q: What inspired you to want to be an events promoter?


A: I saw how swiftly each venue was growing in terms of popularity and stylistic diversity, the business director was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to host events for each location and it was a chance too good to be missed!


  1. Q: For anyone who may not know, please describe the nightlife / music scene in Aylesbury, Bucks, UK?


A: The events and music scene has bloomed in recent years, so much so to the point where it’s no longer a ‘local’ scene in the traditional sense. We welcome musicians and entertainers from across the entire country to play as we’re confident there is a strong enough following to support these activities made possible by our patrons.


  1. Q: What is the most exciting aspect about being an events promoter?


A: Honestly for me the most exciting part of being involved with the venues is getting the opportunity to have a front row seat to see the musicians and entertainers we have the pleasure of booking with. Even hosting various events provides the ability to get to know the audience and often make acquaintances and friends.



  1. Q: You promote an event called “The Battle of the Musos”, at The White Swan (sounds thrilling!). Can you please tell us more about that event?


A: The Battle Of The Musos is an exceptionally exciting event involving a total prize pool of £1000 split among the winners of three categories: Solo performers, Duos and Bands. Each category winner takes away £200 upon winning their respective final followed by an overall final across all categories for an additional £300 for the winner. There is also an audience vote total at the end of the competition which dictates the allocation of an additional £100 prize. With that in mind the vote really does matter for these fantastic performers!


Battle of The Musos

  1. Q: Any guru tips for music artists who are trying to expand their brand?


A: Information is a curious commodity as it’s the only thing that gains value as it’s shared – get talking with other musicians, promoters, managers, find out more about the game and just as importantly how to be on top of it. Everyone else is all trying to achieve the same goals so knowledge will give a real advantage.

Thank you very much again, it’s been a pleasure!


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